James Norton: Happy Valley, his girlfriend and latest news

We take a look at English actor James Norton's life and career so far including those James Bond rumours.


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James Geoffrey Ian Norton is an English actor best known for appearing in Grantchester, Happy Valley and McMafia.

Who is James Norton engaged to?

36-year-old James and his now fiancé, Imogen Poots, 32, have been dating since 2018. It was reported that the pair decided to move into James' London home amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and they announced their engagement in February 2022!

He previously dated Irish actress and singer Jessie Buckley between 2015 and 2017.

James Norton on social media

For behind the scenes sneak peeks into James' day to day life, you can follow him on Instagram here. Here he is with his wife-to-be, Imogen.

James is also on twitter and you can follow him here.

James Norton's TV and movie roles

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Arguably one of his most popular TV roles, James plays villain Tommy Lee Royce alongside Sarah Lancashire in the BBC drama series Happy Valley. James previously revealed to The Guardian that he received a lot of death threats following the role, saying: "Playing Tommy Lee Royce, I’d get death threats buying milk in my local shop."

We were excited to hear that James will be returning to the third and very final series of Happy Valley which will begin filming in 2022, and it's likely to reach our screens early 2023, with six episodes in the series.

In the new series, Catherine (Sarah) discovers the remains of a gangland murder victim in a drained reservoir. It sparks a chain of events that again unwittingly leads her straight back to Tommy.

On his return, James said: "To take on Tommy one final time is a wonderful and daunting privilege, and something I've been looking forward to since we wrapped the last series, six years ago."



The fourth series of Grantchester was unfortunately James's last series playing Sidney Chambers.

As a touching goodbye, James Norton's real life family appeared in his final season of Grantchester. The 33-year-old actor welcomed his family onto set whilst filming the upcoming fourth series and admitted while his father always lands a cameo in his projects, he managed to get his mother and aunts on camera too this time.

Speaking to Whats On TV, he said: "Yes, in fact this is a bit embarrassing: we've got a scene where there's a big outdoor fete and not only is my dad coming, but my mum and my two aunts as well!

"They've been begging me the whole time, 'Please can we?' So my Aunt Bridget and Aunt Alison are going to be people visiting the fete."

While he was sad to say goodbye to the ITV detective drama, James revealed he is looking forward to continuing his role as Tommy Lee Royce on popular series Happy Valley, and moving into work on the big screen.

He added: "Sally Wainwright is writing a third series of Happy Valley and I'm starting to venture into film, so it feels like the right time to challenge myself.

"I fancy an adventure - I'd love to spend a bit more time in New York or LA, I'm open to opportunities."

James Norton films

James has enjoyed a lucrative film career, starring in films such as Belle, Mr Jones and Little Women.

He also starred in the 2021 film Nowhere Special.

In this latest role, James plays a terminally ill single parent, choosing a family to adopt his young son.

Understandably, James felt very emotional about the role, telling the BBC, "It made me cry when I read the script".

The very touching story was the idea of director, writer and producer Uberto Pasolini, who after reading a story in the newspaper of a man with terminal cancer, who spent his final months finding a foster family for his child, wanted to turn the story into a film.

Could he be the next bond?

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, James is bookies' favourite to play James Bond after Daniel Craig leaves the role.

Hollywood actress Diane Keaton told Sky News that James would be perfect for the role: "He's got everything that you need. First of all he's extremely attractive, very smart, he's well educated, and he's a fantastic actor. And he's sexy, right? I'm not wrong, I mean women are gonna love him.”

How tall is James Norton?

James is fairly tall, with a height of 6ft 1in (1.85m).

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