‘Becoming a stepdad changed me’

Chris Packham

by Jane Oddy |
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The Yours Members site has all the latest from the magazine, including exclusive celebrity interviews like this chat with conservationist and TV presenter Chris Packham (62), who talked to Yours about his close relationship with stepdaughter Megan McCubbin and why their different tastes in TV shows made doing Gogglebox together such fun.

Meeting Megs changed my life. I first met Megan, as a cheeky toddler, when I began a relationship with her mum. Although we split up amicably 15 years ago, Megan’s now 28 and we still have a close bond.

We aren’t related by blood, but that doesn’t matter to me. The relationship has proved one of the most enduring and rewarding of my life. It is all the more powerful because I never thought about having children, so Megs sort of arrived accidentally. When she was growing up, I loved the whole process of educating her.

To my delight, I found that all the things I already enjoyed were made much more fun and special because Megs was part of it. Seeing nature through her eyes refreshed my own love for its most simple things.

Meg and I have just done a stint on Celebrity Gogglebox. Megs watches TV and I rarely watch it. She likes Love Island, I like Fake or Fortune, or anything with Alice Roberts, Lucy Worsley or Grayson Perry. The last thing we watched together was Game of Thrones – she had to drag me screaming to that, but then I really got into it.

I also watch The Antiques Road- show. Megs hates it! She calls it ‘grandad’ TV – it bores her rigid! My problem is that I eitherfind things so incredibly slow or way too complicated so struggle to stay focused. If I’m not getting anything out of it, I’ll just give up. Megs is prepared to invest, get to know the characters, remember the plot – I’m long gone by then!

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