Resolution planners to start 2022 off on the right foot

With New Year’s Day approaching, why not use it as a fresh start?

New Years Resolutions

by Ruby Barry |

Ok, so the last two years didn’t go quite as well as we thought it would. No one could have predicted that things would get so tough, and it’s an understatement to say that a lot of us have struggled to work on ourselves. Although the Omicron variant is now upon us, we are so much more prepared than we ever were before, and we know that we can make it through.

So, facing the start of a new year, how can we make sure that we continue to prioritise self-care and improve our lives? Enter - New Year’s resolutions. The general public has a bit of a love-hate relationship with the New Year’s resolution concept, but that’s often because we make goals that are way too big and overwhelming, and we don’t write down a proper plan with steps to achieve said goal. For example, in the past I’ve vowed to eat less sugar, but what does that mean? Day-to-day? And what happens when someone offers me a delicious, rich slice of chocolate cake?

Moving away from chocolate before I get distracted, these types of goals can be achieved if we break them down. That’s why resolution planners can revolutionise the way you tackle the January blues.

What is a resolution planner?

A resolution planner can take the form of a highly detailed goal journal, which sets out what you want to achieve in the year, or month by month. These journals can also track things like water intake or food prep- but the main focus is reflecting on how you as an individual can better yourself, body and soul.

So, in this self-improvement guide, Yours presents the best resolution planners you can buy online, as well as listing out some New Year’s resolution ideas that you could adopt in time for 2022.

The best resolution planners you can buy online

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192 Pages of Plans

192 Pages of Plans

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Length: 16 weeks Focus: Goals and Reflection

Papier has made a 16-week personal growth planner, to get your butt in gear for the new year. To start off, there is a page dedicated to a mindmap, so you can map out the goals you want to achieve in 2022. There are spaces throughout the planner to set out and reflect on the goals you make on your journey. Papier's journals are all sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Oh, and the best thing? Not only can you choose what colour the journal is, but you can completely customise the words on both the front and back cover. So whatever inspirational quote or catchphrase you need to remember is now possible with this planner.

Review: "I have used Papier the past 3 years for my yearly planners and I have never been disappointed! Quality, Durability and Design have been second to none! I ordered my 2022 planner which had a few minor issues and customer care were very prompt and helpful! You can tell this brand cares a lot for its customers. I can't imagine my year without a Papier planner now! Never going back, what you call a real treat"

papier 192 days of planning journal
192 Pages of Plans ©Papier

New Year Resolution Planner 2022 Digital PDF

New Year Resolution Planner 2022 Digital PDF

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Length: N/A Focus: Resolutions for 2022

If you're looking for an affordable and quick option to write out your resolution, Etsy has a number of Digital Resolution Planners for you to choose from. Here's one of my favourites, from the NexoReadyToPrint shop. You can get started writing down your goals straight away, as you can download the files straight to your computer after purchase, so no dilly-dallying is necessary.

Nexo divides its files up into sections to organise what you want from 2022, such as your "Ideal Life", "This Year I Want" and "Where Would You Like To Be?". These sheets are perfect to print & stick into existing diaries or personal journals.

Review: "Customer service was amazing! I had a couple of questions that got answered almost immediately. The files are super easy to cut and even easier to assemble! 100% recommend this shop"

NexoReadyToPrint shop New Years Resolution planner
NexoReadyToPrint New Year Resolution Planner ©Etsy

New Year Resolution Planner, Goal Setting Worksheet, 2022

New Year Resolution Planner, Goal Setting Worksheet, 2022

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Length: N/A Focus: Resolutions for 2022 in great detail

Another favourite of mine from the Etsy Resolution PDF roster is this collection from PrettySimplePages, which delves into even more detail about how you can change your life using resolutions. Included in the 12 pages are: "Current Life Rating", "Life Evaluations", "2022 Resolutions (divided by life areas)", "2022 Bucket List" and a "2022 Calendar". Plenty of pages to get stuck into, and they're all designed in a beautifully succinct way.

What I especially like about this option is the fact that there is a page dedicated to “2021 reflections”. I think after the year we’ve had; it’s tempting to go into 2022 with the outlook to try and blank out the previous events - pretend it never happened. Whilst it is good to have a fresh start, it’s equally important to remember what we went through in 2021 and use these experiences as guidance on how to proceed forward. We’ve certainly gained a lot of resilience and reflecting on this can help our self-improvement journey.

Review: "I looked at a lot of new year's resolution planners before deciding on this one, and I absolutely made the right decision! Not only is it gorgeous, but it has everything you need to plan your goals for the upcoming year. Highly recommended!"

New Year Resolution Planner, Goal Setting Worksheet, 2022
PrettySimplePages New Year Resolution Planner ©Etsy

With a punchy title like “This Year I Will...”, you know that you’re in safe hands to start 2022 with a bang. This physical journal is authored by Tiffany Louise, LCSW, a Professional Coach specialising in cognitive and behavioural change. Tiffany focuses on finding her reader's core values and using these to shape the goals you set out for yourself going forward.

What stands out about this journal is Tiffany's introduction of the Power Statement. This can be personalised to what is most important to you, and Tiffany uses this prompt throughout to always bring you back to the principal motivation driving your improvements forward. As stated by a review, "The moment I felt myself slipping into a loop of defeating thoughts, I would use my Power Statement as a beacon. It would allow me to reset those thoughts and get me back on track. A simple tool, with big return."

Review: "This journal changed my life and changed the way I feel about journaling. Historically, when I would start a journal, I wouldn't know where to begin. I never had enough prep work or the right type of guidance and would often give up on the idea that journaling could ever be my thing. This journal is completely different. With Tiffany's coaching, I was able to examine my values, my thoughts and then make sense of my behaviour and patterns. Once that connection took place, I was able to start rebuilding my life in a way that felt manageable."

This Year I Will...: A 52-Week Guided Journal to Achieve Your Goals
This Year I Will...: A 52-Week Guided Journal to Achieve Your Goals ©Amazon

Dailygreatness Original Journal

Dailygreatness Original Journal

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Daily Greatness

Length: 52 weeks Focus: Personal Growth

When it comes to the Daily Greatness company, it knows how to make a great journal. Today, though, we will be focusing on their Original edition journal, because classic is always best. So what is a Daily Greatness journal?

Its journals celebrate the personal growth of its owner, from the big picture stuff to the smaller, everyday goals. As well as pages dedicated to daily planning, the Original contains weekly, quarterly and yearly check-ins. So say, if you have a particularly busy week, you can check in on Sunday and assess how far you are getting with your resolutions for the year, and what perhaps needs changing. A section I particularly like is the "ideas and thoughts space", which is devoted to training oneself in the art of gratitude.

Review: "This journal and Planner has been life-changing for me. My focus is very sharp on what I want to accomplish each day. I love analyzing my day. I’ve got my future planned out. I’m so excited about making my dreams a reality in this beautiful planner."

Dailygreatness Original Journal
Dailygreatness Original Journal ©Daily Greatness

Magic of I Astrological 2022 Planner and Calendar

Magic of I Astrological 2022 Planner

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Length: 1 Year Focus: Cyclic living and astrological calendar

If you are looking for a planner for planning professionals, moon lovers, astrology students or someone who loves looking up at the stars, then this stunning 2022 planner has it all.

This 2022 planner is filled with 272 pages packed with astrological data and guidance and places to write your new years resolutions and intentions. Perfect for friends or family who are looking to live more mindfully in 2022.

This monthly planner and astrological calendar features a weekly planner with moon movements, moon phases, a signs calendar, a complete new and full moon date list, intentions journal pages and many more learning features.

Tried and tested by Ellen Kinsey, Commercial Content Writer for Yours: "This gorgeous planner will make you want to journal every day. It is incredibly high quality and is filled to the brim with introductory information. There is even a page to fill out your own astrology chart. Anyone interested in the moon and natural cycles will benefit from this book. The section about the menstrual cycles is especially useful, especially for intuitive eating and cyclic living. All-round if you are all looking for a planner that's extra special or are looking for a gift for your organised night sky loving friend, this will go down a treat."

Magic of I Astrological 2022 Planner and Calendar
Magic of I Astrological 2022 Planner and Calendar ©Magic of I

Can't think of a resolution to pick?

If you're struggling to think of what you could choose as a resolution this year, look no further. We have a list of 10 New Year's Resolutions that will challenge you to grow in exciting and interesting ways. And, as a bonus, keep reading to hear what our writer's team are planning to do in 2022, with our Writers New Year's Resolution segment. Feel free to steal any ideas - we're here to help!

2022 New Year's Resolution Ideas

  1. Set a goal amount to pay into your student loan debt/car/mortgage etc.
  1. Ask for a raise at your job.
  1. Budget your income for charitable donations.
  1. Start a gratitude log.
  1. Have a social media clear out, and unfollow anyone who doesn't fit into your life anymore.
  1. Seek out a therapist to deal with trauma that has been unresolved in your life.
  1. Book in that dentist appointment!
  1. Buy a colourful piece of clothing for your wardrobe (we can all slip into wearing black and white most days!)
  1. Learn a new recipe from your own culture or a culture that interests you.
  1. Start a new hobby without making it about bringing in money- perhaps something that you loved as a child.

New Years Resolution Ideas from the Yours Commercial Content Team

Ruby Barry, Writer: Whilst most people used the previous lockdowns to get fit, I used it to slouch on my sofa and watch Netflix. But I can really start to see the toll it’s taken on my body, so in 2022 I want to write up a fitness schedule for myself, starting off with exercising at least once a week.

Ellen Kinsey, Writer: My new year's resolution is to be more consistent. I find it very difficult to follow a routine, so I want to aim to do things weekly instead of following a tight daily schedule. I want to meditate, work out, get some fresh air and be in nature at least three times a week. That way, you don't get overwhelmed and fall off the rails within the first month.

Adam Binnie, Editor: I'm still working towards my goal of being able to achieve one pullup.

Piper Huxley, Storytelling Executive: My resolutions are to read more books, cook something new once a week, and create a cleaning schedule that I will (probably not) stick to (it’s the trying that counts).

Jade Moscrop, Deputy Editor: I don't have just one, but there are a few things I'd like to do more of next year. Spending more time outdoors, exercising every day, seeing my family more often, and learning how to switch off properly.

Marina Avraam, Writer: 2021 was a year of recovery, so 2022 will (hopefully) be a year of change for me. I want to read more (at least two books per month) find more creative outlets for myself, and also find some form of physical activity that I don’t absolutely despise to get in shape again. Easier said than done, so let’s see – I have high hopes!

Angelica Daujotas, Writer: For 2022 my major goal is to move out of my family home, while the pandemic halted this decision for a while, 2022 seems like a great time to get the ball rolling again. Part of this goal involves a whole lot of budgeting and saving, I’ve found the best way I could probably do this is with a planner. This will make setting myself clear goals and managing my outgoings much more manageable, now I can’t wait to get started!

Isabel Martins-Abbud, Writer: Get rich and get ripped.

Natalie Corner, Deputy Editor: I love cooking and perfecting my craft, and recently I have become obsessed with this Instagram/TikTok chef who loves potatoes. I love potatoes, so my 2022 resolution is to make the perfect 15-hour crunchy potato just like her.

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