18 easy homemade Christmas card ideas

Get creative with these homemade Christmas cards your friends and family will love.

Christmas card homemade

by Lorna White |
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Christmas and crafting go hand in hand, and around this special time of year, we all like to get our craft on while wearing our favourite Christmas jumper.

Whether it's making your own DIY Christmas wreath or putting together your own gift boxes for loved ones at Christmas, there are lots of crafts to get involved with.

We've put together some fun and festive Christmas card craft ideas that you can create at home that your family will really love to receive through the letterbox this year.

Christmas tree card

This card is bound to stand out on the mantelpiece. You should be able to do this with most things you have in your home already but you may need some stars and coloured paper to get the perfect look.

Pop-out card

Who doesn't love a pop-out card? Although this one might seem a little fiddly with the scissors, the effect at the end looks amazing and people won't believe you made it yourself!

Bauble card

Looking to make a fancier looking card? We love this bauble idea. Not only does it look super elegant and classy, it's extremely easy to do, all you need is cards, ribbon, a nice pen and stick-on gems or beads.

Paint your own cards

Are you a fan of painting? Or do you fancy having a go at some art? These painted snowy trees are beautiful and will really wow your friends and family!

Santa card

This card is super easy to make so it's an excellent one if you are looking after your grandchildren as they'll love to make this Santa Claus-inspired card.

Window card

This card takes a bit more time and materials to get right, making it ideal for more experienced crafters, but we think the end result is so pretty!

Vintage cards

We love this idea of using old sheet music of Christmas Carols on cards to give a lovely vintage effect. Using numerous layers gives a really simple yet effective look and is ideal for any music lovers in your life.

Christmas present card

This quick and easy tutorial is ideal if you're making a large number of cards for people. You can also make this design idea work for any season or occasion from Christmas to birthdays.

Snowman family

While this design might be a little more intricate and detailed than some of the others, we love the little family of snow people on this card, and it's easier to create than you might think.

Pop-out snowman card

Pop-out cards are very effective, and we love this easy snowman design. This is a particularly fun one to make with younger crafters as there's no strong glue or intricate cutting required.

Four pack of cards

If you're keen to make several different designs for your loved ones so you have a choice of card, these four cards are very easy to make and vary in design. There's a bauble design, Christmas tree, glittery Christmas tree and snowman.

Pop-greetings card

If you want to take your design to a whole new level, then this standing card will be a showstopper on the mantelpiece. We warn you however, this one will take you some time, so maybe it's just a card for the extra special person in your life who you know will cherish the card long after Christmas.

Crafting with the grandchildren

If you're on childcare duties this Christmas, then having a go at some child-friendly DIY cards is a really fun activity to have a go at (and will make far less mess than Christmas baking!). Here are 10 simple yet fun card ideas to get you started.

Classic Christmas tree

If you prefer a more traditional and classic design, then we think this Christmas tree through the window is lovely. It works using different layers of card and paper to create the effect. You also don't need to worry about drawing an intricate Christmas tree either because it uses a stamp!

Snow globe card

This one is pretty impressive, as you can shake the glitter and sequins in the card around like you would a proper snow globe. You'll need quite a lot of different craft supplies for this one, so you may need to pop to your local craft shop to get everything you need.

Easy bauble card

If you're short on time or have a lot of cards you need to make, then this simple yet effective bauble design is ideal. It looks very modern and minimalistic with the simple and sparkly baubles and we love the addition of the sweet bows.

Personalised photo cards

While family photo cards might be something that tends to be more popular in the states, we're big fans of personalised photo cards, especially the ones the British Royal Family send out each year. It's also a great chance to share photos of your family with loved ones who might live far away.

Shiny bauble card

A variation on the bauble card above, this one focuses more on the details of the single bauble rather than having more than one. It also has the addition of a sweet Christmas word too, which we love. This one can be totally personalised to your taste, and you could make a variety using different colours and with a different word, but we must admit we're fans of the teal blue card.

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