How to find the best dog walks near me

From the countryside to the beach to the woodlands, get your pup's tail wagging with a new dog walk.

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One of the huge positives of having a dog is that it's a great way to ensure you spend plenty of time outside as your furry friend will need to be exercised regularly. As well as the physical benefits, a dog walk is also fantastic for your mental health, releasing endorphins in the brain to boost your mood as well as reducing stress.

If you're a bit bored of your usual haunts, it might be time to search for a new dog walk to take your pooch on. That's why we've gathered together our favourite resources to help you find somewhere new, wherever you live in the UK.

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How to find the best dog walks near me

National Trust

Who doesn't love the National Trust? They've helpfully split their recommendations into regions so you can ensure you won't have to stray too far.


A dedicated website for dog walks, what more could you want? This website is absolutely packed with dog walks in all counties of the UK, many uploaded and reviewed by dog walkers themselves.

My Pawson

Narrowed down by either category or location, you'll be sure to find a whole load of options of suitable dog walks. You can even filter by the distance of walk, severity and even refreshments!

Dog Walks Near Me

Specialising in countryside walks, all walks featured are free of stiles and contain detailed maps and easy to follow guides. They're also graded (easy, moderate or challenging) and contain an overview of the terrain to help ensure that everyone can find a suitable walk.

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Apps to find the best dog walks

Dog Walks

This easy to use app has route maps on your mobile that shows your location and direction of travel as you walk. You can use it for free, but you'll need the annual subscription of £5.99 to unlock all walks.

Country Walking

One from our sister brand Country Walking, this app has 27 route cards each month, featuring freshly-researched walks for you.


Although not specifically for dog walks, with this app you can find a hike or trail run suitable for your pooch. Turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker and follow your trail so you don’t get lost and share your outdoor adventures with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

Why not try the #Walk1000Miles challenge?

Run by our friends at Country Walking magazine, the #Walk1000Miles challenge is a great way to try out new walks like the ones in this list, get out and about in the countryside, make friends, stay active and most importantly, have fun!

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