Why you should get an archery set

Why not challenge yourself to something a little bit different and give archery a go?

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If you are looking at taking up a new hobby whilst we are in lockdown, archery is a great way to get outdoors and stimulate your mind.

Archery is a sport and recreational hobby that has been popular throughout history. Historically, archery was used for combat or hunting but in modern days it is seen as a sport or activity where you shoot arrows at a target using a bow.

Why try out archery as a hobby?

1. It keeps your mind sharp and active

Certain activities can keep your mind sharp, helping to keep your mind and body active. Archery is a hobby that requires focus to hit the target and is stimulating for your brain.

2. It gets you outdoors

This hobby is low-maintenance, enjoyable and gets you spending time outdoors. You can practise with a partner or play alone.

3. Improves your upper-body strength

Whilst playing archery you are training your arms, back, chest, and shoulder muscles.

4. One-time investment

Whilst some hobbies and sports require you to invest in a lot of kit, archer only requires three key things: a bow, arrows and a board or target. Plus the board, bow and arrows are reusable! Once you invest in a set you can use it over and over again.

Where can I buy archery sets?

Here are some suggestions of where you can buy an archery set to suit you or the family

Archery sets from Decathlon:

Archery set for beginners and the family. Kits include 1 bow, 2 suction cup arrows, 1 target which enables you to safely discover and recreationally do archery. This makes it the perfect archery set for beginners.

This archery set for adults is designed to be an introduction to recreational archery between 5 and 10 metres with steel-tipped arrows. This kit gives a real feel for archery.

Archery set for kids from Amazon:

A great one for children, this colourful kit includes a target, stand, beginner bows and arrows. King of Sport Archery is safe for kids to play and improve their focus and concentration level.

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