Lizzy Dening

The best pelvic floor trainers: reviewed

Lizzy Dening
The best pelvic floor trainers: reviewed

If you struggle with pelvic floor exercises one of these toner devices could be the answer

vSculpt review



What does vSculpt do?

The vSculpt uses light, heat and vibration to tone your pelvic floor and help improve vaginal dryness. One trial found 90 per cent of women had an improvement in bladder leakage after using for ten minutes a day, every other day, for six to eight weeks.

Does the vSculpt work?

The vSculpt is pricey and looks quite daunting but it’s actually quite comfortable to use. It heats up gently and you can adjust the vibration levels to suit you. You feel that your muscles have definitely had a workout and I like that the treatment time is so short.

Perfect if: You need help with dryness, too.

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Neen Aquaflex review



What does Neen Aquaflex do?

Described as a pelvic-floor gym, Neen Aquaflex includes vaginal cones and weights to help you engage your pelvic-floor muscles and gradually strengthen them in just 20 minutes a day.

Does Neen Aquaflex work?

This is great value for money and it’s very simple, if a little uncomfortable at first. I found it tricky to get the hang of squeezing the right muscles but once I’d worked it out I could definitely feel the difference. With regular use this would strengthen your pelvic floor – you just have to find the time every day.

Perfect if: You’re on a budget.

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Innovo review



What does Innovo do?

Innovo is a clever belt that sends targeted impulses to your pelvic-floor muscles via a set of conductive pads placed on your thighs and buttocks. Use it for 30-minute five days a week for 12 weeks to feel the difference.

Does Innovo work?

Putting it on was a bit tricky at first, but I liked that it is worn outside of my body and that I could move around while working my pelvic floor instead of having to set aside a specific time for it. It feels like tiny prickly bubbles going through to your muscles; it’s not uncomfortable just slightly strange. I haven’t seen any noticeable results yet but I’ll definitely stick with it for the full 12 weeks.

Perfect if: You like to multi-task.

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Elvie review



What does Elvie do?

Elvie is the smallest pelvic-floor trainer available. It connects to an app on your smartphone to take you through a series of six unique pelvic-floor exercises and even tells you how well you’re doing.

Does Elvie work?

If you’re confident using your smartphone the Elvie is hard to beat. Once you’ve downloaded the app, the discreet pelvic-floor trainer connects to your phone via Bluetooth. A gemstone icon appears on the screen and as you squeeze your muscles the icon moves up and down. You’re prompted to use your pelvic floor to move the icon through six different workouts. The app reminds you to ‘workout’ for five minutes three times a week and I soon saw results.

Perfect if: You need reminding to work your pelvic floor.

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