Who is Leonie Elliott? Meet the new star of Call the Midwife

Who is Leonie Elliott? Meet the new star of Call the Midwife

Leonie Elliott is set to join the other nurses at Call the Midwife's Nonnatus House, and we've discovered everything you need to know about her!


Call the Midwife

Leonie Elliott is an actress (born in 1988) who is starring in series 7 of Call the Midwife. She’s be playing Nurse Lucille Anderson, the show’s first West Indian character.

“Elegant, funny and clever, Lucille is swift to settle in and bring a fresh new energy to life at Nonnatus House,” says the programme’s creator Heidi Thomas. We’re so excited to see Leonie’s character shake things up at Nonnatus House!

Lucille, who is from Jamaican descent, is a former librarian turned midwife, and will introduce viewers to the important role of immigrant nurses in the 1960s.

Leonie herself has said she immediately felt a connection to her character, as their families both hail from the same part of Jamaica. Her own family moved to the UK in the 1960s, which proved helpful for her research.

"I asked what their first impressions of Britain were and of course the answer was that it was so cold," she says in an interview with the Radio Times. "Lucille arrives during the Big Freeze, which made it easy for me."

What will happen to Lucille on Call the Midwife?

Lucille will become friends with a young Jamaican mother called Alicia Palmer, particularly over their religious beliefs. Alicia's husband is a pastor and will carry out small services for the pair, as they feel unable to fit in to traditional British church services.


Leonie’s TV work

She’s best known for her work on Lenny Henry’s comedy-drama Danny and the Human Zoo, in which she played Cherry Patterson. She’s also appeared in Black Mirror, Casualty, The Bill, Holby City and Undercover Heart.

Leonie’s film and stage appearances

She’s been in various films including Wondrous Oblivion and Tube Tales, and theatre including The Lion King at London’s Lyceum Theatre, and a UK tour of Annie.