Everything you need to know about Sue Barker

Everything you need to know about Sue Barker

How old is Sue Barker? 

Sue is 62-years-old. 

Has Sue Barker ever won Wimbledon? 

Although she never won Wimbledon, Sue did manage to reach the semi-finals of the tournament in 1977. 

Who is Sue Barker’s husband? 


Sue is married to landscape gardener and former policeman Lance Tankard. The pair married in 1988. 

Where does Sue Barker live? 

Sue lives in the Cotswolds with her husband. Her home recently made headlines after she won a planning battle to raise the roof of their property after her very tall husband knocked himself out on the low ceilings. 

Neighbors feared the renovations would overpower and dominate surrounding property. But after a long debate, Sue and her husband were granted planning permission. 

Does Sue Barker have any dogs? 

Sue loves dogs and she currently has two. Charlie and Baiatu. She adopted Baiatu at eight-years-old from a Romanian dog shelter. 

Wimbledon's Sue Barker on the rescue dog she had to help

Did Sue Barker ever win the French Open? 

Sue's career highlight was her French Open victory in 1976. 

What TV shows has Sue Barker presented? 


Sue has presented the Wimbledon coverage on BBC since 1993. She also presents the popular sport panel show A Question of Sport whilst also presenting the BBC Sport Personality of the Year awards from 1994 to 2012. 

As well as Wimbledon, Sue has also presented coverage for the French Open, Australian Open, Queens Championships and the Davis Cup. 

As well as tennis, Sue also presents coverage of the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and The Grand National.