Sherrie Hewson has SLAMMED Coronation Street

Sherrie Hewson has SLAMMED Coronation Street

Loose Women star Sherrie Hewson has criticised the soap that made her famous. The 67-year-old actress and presenter says Coronation Street has had its ‘glory days’, referring to the time when she played Maureen Webster from 1993 – 1997.

“With all respect to everyone who’s been in Corrie, I think I was there in the glory days,” she said to Waitrose Weekend magazine. “We only did three episodes a week and there was the most amazing juxtaposition of heavy duty drama with comedy. It was a wonderful time for me.”

Coronation Street, to which Sherrie made a brief return in 2006, now airs six nights a week. But despite her criticisms, she would return to Weatherfield, saying: “I’d return if the storyline was right. Maybe she could have a fling with Ken Barlow. I don’t think the character finished. I think she could go back. But I’d like her to go back harder as she was a bit of a wimp.”


Maureen was introduced to the Street when she got a job under Curly Watts at Bettabuy, unaware that her first love Reg Holdsworth was the store manager. The pair – who had been split up as youngsters by her disapproving mother – soon fell in love again. Of course, in soap-land the path of true love never did run smooth, and when Maureen suspected Reg of being unfaithful, she spent the night with Curly.

Watch Reg and Maureen having a flirt:

Eventually the hilarious pair were married in 1994, running the Corner Shop together and had their ups and downs until 1996, when Reg moved to Lowestoft and began an affair.

The two split up, and butcher Fred Elliott stepped in! They were married in 1997, but Maureen broke his heart when she left the soap to move to Germany with Bill.

In 2006 she returned, married to Bill, who embarked on an affair with Audrey Roberts. Their marriage ended, and Maureen took off to Germany once more.

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