Everything you need to know about Corrie’s Sally Dynevor

Everything you need to know about Corrie’s Sally Dynevor

We look back at Sally Dynevor's 31 years of playing Sally Webster on Coronation Street


Who is Sally Dynevor?

Born in 1963 (despite what her youthful face suggests!) Sally is an English actress best known, of course, for her 31-year role as Sally Webster in Coronation Street. Her maiden name was Sally Whittaker.

What Sally Dynevor did when she was young

Sally was born in Middleton, Lancashire and was interested in the arts from a young age, training at Oldham Repertory Theatre and then the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Her first brush with TV stardom came when she appeared as Wendy Cunningham in an episode of Juliet Bravo. And it wasn’t long until small-screen fame came a-calling…


Sally Webster on Coronation Street

Back in 1986 she was cast as Sally Webster (then Sally Seddon) a reformed bad girl, who grew up to be somewhat snobby and a bit of a social climber! She’s been nominated for many awards for her role in the soap, and has become part of the Corrie furniture over the past three decades.

Sally Webster gets married

It’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet, but Sally and future husband Kevin’s paths first crossed when he drove past her, splashing her with water! Despite such an inauspicious start, the young pair went on to marry and raise a family. Kevin is played by Michael Le Vell. 

Sally Webster’s daughters

Rosie (played by Helen Flanagan) was born on Christmas Eve 1990, while Sophie (Brooke Vincent) was born in 1994. 

Kevin Webster’s affair

Poor Sally was devastated to discover Kevin was having an affair with Natalie Horrocks, back in 1997, but by Christmas the pair were back together.

Sally Webster’s affair

Oh dear, the path of soap love never ran smooth… Sally got her own back with an affair with Greg Kelly, which leads to Kevin and Sally’s divorce… only for them to remarry in 2002! Are you keeping up? Both of them go on to have other affairs – Kevin with Molly Dobbs and Sally with Ian Davenport. Eventually Kevin having a child – Jack – with Molly ends their marriage for good.


Sally Webster’s house swap

In 2008 the Websters and Peacocks swap houses, leading Sally to become extremely boastful and house proud.

Sally Webster’s second husband

After Kevin, Sally started seeing Tim Metcalfe. Despite kissing Kevin while engaged, Sally and Tim are happily married and she’s now Sally Metcalfe.

Sally Dynevor’s cancer experience

One story which was unpleasantly close to home was that of Sally Webster’s breast cancer. The character had a lumpectomy to remove the growth and it proves a success. In a case of life imitating art, however, it transpired that Sally Dynevor developed breast cancer in real life. She found a lump while preparing for the storyline, and has said that the soap could well have saved her life.

Sally Webster’s online troll

One storyline that proved popular with views was about online bullying, which turned out to be a nasty trick from her sister Gina, and is a topic close to her heart. Read about Sally’s worries about online safety

Has Sally Webster left Coronation Street or died?

No – good news for fans of the blonde fire-cracker, she’s still alive and well, and causing daughter Rosie no end of grief!

Sally Dynevor’s family

Sally with husband Tim

Sally with husband Tim

Sally has been married to husband Tim Dynevor (a script writer) since 1995 and is mum to three children, daughters Phoebe, 22 and Hatty, 13 and son Sam, 20. Find out what her children think of Sally in Coronation Street

How old is Sally Dynevor?

Sally is aged 54 and looking incredible!

Sally Dynevor’s run-in with Piers Morgan


Sally hit the headlines earlier this year, after appearing on Good Morning Britain to speak about the recent Manchester bombing. She was interviewed alongside her co-star Connie Hyde, and the pair shut down Piers Morgan’s comments about getting angry about terrorism. They – rightly – told the presenter that anger wasn’t helping the families affected so soon after the event.

Sally Dynevor’s Masterchef ambition

One of the actress’ favourite hobbies is cooking, and she’d love to appear on Masterchef, Bake Off or another cookery programme. Her signature dish is a couscous recipe that’s a variation on a Delia recipe. Find out about her other ambitions outside of Corrie

Sally Dynevor on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Sally appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? To represent ActionAid, who she is an ambassador for.