Should the Queen receive a Nobel Peace Prize?

Should the Queen receive a Nobel Peace Prize?

There's no debating that the Queen has done a lot for this country in her six decades' of service, but should her work be recognised with a Nobel Peace Prize?

That's what some senior politicians and ministers are arguing, and they are likely to discuss the nomination next week, at the 53 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London.

Several smaller Commonwealth countries are in talks to nominate her for her service to the organisation, and her "determined diplomacy" in keeping the Commonwealth together.

Politicians in favour include Lord Howell and Frank Field. The Commonwealth turns 70 next year, and they feel the Nobel Peace Prize would be a fitting tribute to the woman at its helm.

Of course with such a big decision there has been some debate, especially as many feel that the Commonwealth is outdated, and a reminder of the days of the British Empire. To others, it remains a symbol of cooperation and friendly relations between countries.

Either way, there's no doubt that the Queen has worked tirelessly over her lifetime, but whether a Nobel Peace Prize is the right way to recognise that is up for discussion.