Why THIS royal loves to watch Poldark

Why THIS royal loves to watch Poldark

We love Poldark but we were shocked to hear that it is also popular with the royals! The Prince of Wales has admitted he is also a huge fan of the drama. After a recent visit to Cornwall, Charles has revealed he loves the hit television show that stars Aidan Turner.

After finding some novels written by Winston Graham - the author of Poldark - in a shop in Cornwall, he told Ann and David Willmore, the owners of Bookends how he couldn't believe there are 12 books in total: "What I can't get over watching that Poldark stuff on the television, is just how many he wrote."

Mrs Willmore thought it was a huge honour that Charles had visited her shop on his annual trip around the West Country, and hopes that the BBC show will bring more life to the county.

She said: "Poldark books have always been up there in terms of popular Cornish books, and since the television series there's been an up-surge in interest right across Cornwall."

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