Why Mrs Brown's Boys was almost an Allo Allo remake

Why Mrs Brown's Boys was almost an Allo Allo remake

We can’t imagine the hilarious Mrs Brown’s Boys any different to the witty sitcom it is so we were very surprised to hear what the BBC originally had planned for the comedy show starring Brendan O’Carroll after the star revealed that the broadcaster was keen to make it a revival of Allo Allo.

Anges Brown's wig and Apron was planned to be swapped to cafe owner Rene Artoi's famous waistcoat in an attempt to remake the iconic 1980s sitcom. Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Brendan O’Carroll revealed: "We were asked to remake ''Allo 'Allo' using our cast. I'd have been Rene. it sounded intriguing and I was tempted.

"But down the line, I'd seen some comedy remakes during the last couple of years and I just thought: 'No. They don't compare'. It was what it was at the time."

The BBC's revamp would've seen Brenda's real-life wife Jennifer Gibney taking on the role of waitress Yvette Carte-Blanche, with other cast members joining in the fun as the likes of Herr Flick, Private Helga and Colonel Kurt von Strohm.

Brendan also turned down the idea because he doesn't see the need for remakes when the originals are still so beloved by the public.

He explained: "I remember one year when the TV ratings came in and during one week the most-viewed show on telly that night was a repeat of 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' and the second most popular was 'Dad's Army'.

"It shows they still stand up! I say why re-invent Champagne. You just end up with sparkling wine."

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