Everything you need to know about Michael Palin

Everything you need to know about Michael Palin

The British actor, writer, comedian and author has achieved an awful lot since the start of his career in 1965. Make sure you tune in to watch Michael Palin: A Life on Screen. This one of tribute to one of the nation’s most loved writers and performers. This documentary will take a look back at the life and work of the Monty Python star, speaking with famous friends who have worked alongside him, including John Cleese and David Jason.


How old is Michael Palin?

He is currently 74 years-old.

Where has Michael Palin travelled to?

Michael has done a number of travel documentaries including Michael Palin: Around the World in 80 Days, Sahara with Michael Palin and Brazil with Michael Palin just to name a few.

What has Michael Palin been in?

Michael Palin has starred in many films including A Fish Called Wanda and most recently, The Death of Stalin. He is also a member of Monty Python and has written various sketches including Monty Python’s Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life. 

Where does Michael Palin live?

He now lives in London but is originally from Sheffield.  

What is the Michael Palin centre?

Following his role in A Fish Called Wanda, in which the character he played had a stammer, he agreed to his name being used for the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering where he continues to help and support the centre. Here, children and young people have access to appointments with specialist speech and language therapists. This is a cause very close to Michael’s heart as his dad also suffered from a stammer.

Is Michael Palin married?

Yes, he and his wife Helen married in 1966 and have three children together.

What football team does Michael Palin support?

He supports Sheffield United.

How tall is Michael Palin?

He is 5’10.

Has Michael Palin written any books?


As well as a number of travel books, a few of his diaries have been published as well as some fictional novels. Michael has also written many children’s books.

  • Watch Michael Palin: A Life on Screen Sunday 7th January at 9pm on BBC2.
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