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Everything you need to know about Martin Clunes

Lizzy Deningtv
Everything you need to know about Martin Clunes

The actor Martin Clunes OBE is best known for his work on Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly – but he’s also a passionate animal-lover and owns a working farm!

Martin Clunes latest news

Martin's show Manhunt causes upset

Filming has only just started on Manhunt, but the series is already under fire for being insensitive in its choice of filming locations. The drama will tell the shocking real life story of the memoirs of former London Metropolitan police detective DCI Colin Sutton (who will be played by Martin Clunes). DCI Sutton became well known for his tireless work pursuing serial killer Levi Bellfield.

Manhunt will follow the horrific murder of French National Amelie Delagrange on Twickenham Green back in 2004, and how thanks to DCI Sutton it was linked to the murders of Marsha McDonnell in 2003 and schoolgirl Milly Dowler in 2002.

But Martin Clunes has been pictured in his new role, filming at the real life bus stop where Milly Dowler was last seen alive. Critics have labelled the move 'insensitive' and claimed it 'rakes up the past' of the horrible events.

ITV has defended its decision, saying that Milly's death is only referred to in the series, and it's focused on the investigation around Amelie Delagrange. 

When is Doc Martin going to end?


We love Doc Martin and are slightly heartbroken at the thought it will ever finish, but, alas, all good things must come to an end. The silver lining is that while rumours suggested that series eight would be the last, Martin has confirmed it will in fact finish in 2018 with series nine - almost certain to air in autumn. 

Viewers will no doubt be disappointed to see it come to an end, as it's been a popular show, drawing in more than six million viewers per episode since it started in 2004.

FIRST LOOK: New sitcom Warren

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

Martin is set to star in a new BBC One sitcom called Warren, which is about a grumpy driving instructor. The first episode has already been filmed in Cardiff, and now a six-part series has been officially commissioned. Warren is a character who struggles with problems of his own making, and Martin has said: "the script is just so funny I didn't want anyone else to do it."

It's been written by Jimmy Donny Cosgrove and Paul McKenna (no, not THAT Paul McKenna!) Martin hasn't been in a sitcom since 2009's The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. At the moment it's only a pilot, but we're hoping it will get made into a full series.

How old is actor Martin Clunes?

The actor was born in November 1961 and is currently 55. His father was classical actor Alec Clunes, who sadly died when Martin was just 8-years-old. He grew up in London with sister Amanda.

Martin Clunes and his dog documentaries

Martin adores dogs, and used his enthusiasm to present Martin Clunes: A Man and his Dogs in 2008. He went on to narrate the documentary Secret Life of Dogs in 2013, which led to Secret Life of Cats and Secret Life of Babies.


Other animal-related documentaries narrated by Martin have included Martin Clunes and A Lion Called Mugie (which followed conservation work in Kenya), Martin Clunes: Man to Manta, Martin Clunes: The Lemurs of Madagascar, Britain’s Favourite Dogs and Man and Beast with Martin Clunes.

Non-animal programmes have included Islands of Oz, Kids with Cameras: Diary of a Children’s Ward, Rising Damp Forever, Secrets of Growing Old and Secrets of Growing Up.

How did Martin Clunes lose weight?


The actor lost a considerable amount of weight in 2012 thanks to following the 5:2 diet. He's said: "I was getting heavy, I had tired knees". He lost three stone in three months with the diet, which involves fasting for two days a week and eating as normal on the other five. Now that he's down to a weight he's happy with, he follows a 6:1 diet (the same, but only one day's fast per week.) Working on his farm keeps him fit too, with horse riding in particular.

His love for horses and horsepower

Along with dogs, Martin’s other passion is horses – he even became president of the British Horse Society in 2011. In 2010 he presented the series Horsepower, about man’s relationship with horses, followed by Heavy Horsepower in 2013. He lives on a farm with 14 horses – so he clearly knows his stuff!

Martin’s TV roles

Martin is probably best known for his work on Men Behaving Badly and Doc Martin. In the former, he played Gary Strange, alongside Neil Morrissey, Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash. The series, which ran from 1992-1998, saw the two men living together and getting up to all sorts of disgusting (but amusing) laddish behaviour, mostly involving beer.


Doc Martin, on which he plays Dr Martin Ellingham, couldn’t be further removed! Starting in 2004 the series is set in the pretty, fictional seaside setting of Portwenn (filmed in Cornwall) and follows the GP's interactions with the town's various characters. His on-screen wife is played by Caroline Catz.


His first ever TV role was on the BBC sitcom No Place Like Home and the same year he also appeared in an episode of Doctor Who, and then another sitcom called All at No 20.

During Men Behaving Badly, he also appeared in Over Here and Demob, as well as making frequent appearances on Have I Got News For You. Other shows include Lorna Doone, A is for Acid, Goodbye Mr Chips, The Man Who Lost His Head, Inspector Morse, Fungus the Bogeyman, Reggie Perrin and Arthur & George.

He’s also appeared in William and Mary and voices Kipper the cartoon dog.

Islands of Britain

Martin has also had great success presenting and narrating documentaries, including Islands of Britain.

Martin on Have I Got News For You

Martin has been a frequent host of Have I Got News For You since series 25, as well as a regular panellist from series eight.


In 2018 Martin is set to take on the role of a lifetime, in Manhunt, playing real-life police officer DCI Colin Sutton, who famously solved the Millie Dowler murder case. Find out more about Manhunt.

Martin Clunes' films

In 1998 he appeared in Shakespeare In Love, playing Richard Burbage. He’s also appeared in The Russia House, Sweet Revenge and Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey

Martin’s wife Philippa Braithwaite

Martin has been married to Philippa Braithwaite since 1997, and she now produces the programme Doc Martin.

He was previously married to actress Lucy Aston from 1990 until 1997.

Martin Clunes’ family

Martin and Philippa have a daughter, Emily, who was born in 1999. The three live together in their animal-packed working farm!

Martin’s farm

The actor lives with his wife and daughter on a 130-acre working farm near Beaminster, with a whopping four dogs, two cats, 14 horses and chickens! Together they host an annual Buckham Fair which raises money for charity.

What is Martin Clunes doing now?

Martin is keeping very busy this year! He's set to appear in Vanity Fair and Manhunt as well as working on new sitcom Warren.

What’s his net worth?

Martin is quite a wealthy man, thanks largely to Doc Martin. He and wife Philippa own the production company that makes the programme, and the fact that it’s been sold to more than 70 countries means the actor is worth roughly £12m! That should keep his pets fed and watered for the foreseeable!