Lorraine Kelly misses her breakfast show

Lorraine Kelly misses her breakfast show

You may have noticed Lorraine Kelly was missing from her ITV breakfast show this week with Christine Lampard filling in her space. It turns out she has to miss Thursday's show to receive an honorary degree from Edinburgh Napier University. 

Lorraine appeared on the show via a love video link where she explained to Christine and her viewers where she was, revealing she was 'incredibly honoured' to be awarded the doctorate. She also went on to reveal the special connection the university has with her daughter Rosie.

She said: "I went straight from school to work in local newspapers, I never got the chance to go university, so I'm incredibly honoured, especially as this is where Rosie went to university to study journalism.

"I wonder when I'm on a plane now if someone says 'is there a doctor in the house?' and I can go I am!"

Lorraine also let slip the wardrobe disaster that she had shortly before the ceremony after finding out her yellow frock broke the very strict dress-code of the universities rules. 

"The only thing I'm worried about is the dress code, you're supposed to wear black or navy and obviously I've got a bright yellow dress on.

"I wonder if I'll have time to run to the shops, I'll have to do an SAS-style raid."

She seemed very excited to be involved with the ceremony and looked forward to a party afterwards! 

"I'm really looking forward to sitting watching all of the students, I loved it a couple of years ago when Rosie got her degree, it was so incredibly emotional. 

"All of these people have worked so incredibly hard, and to see them beaming with pride with their families it's a joyful occasion.  And if you're going to party after your graduation, Edinburgh is the place to be."