Linda Nolan’s plans to throw a ‘final party’

Linda Nolan’s plans to throw a ‘final party’

We’re all aware of how horrible cancer is. It takes so many lives and causes so much upset for families. One family who know how truly awful cancer can be is the Nolan’s. The family have suffered more than their fair share of heartbreak from the disease, but that doesn’t stop them from keeping positive. 

Back in 2006, Linda Nolan was given the all clear after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2005. Whilst she was undergoing grueling treatment, her husband of 26 years, Brian, passed away due to skin cancer. This was a sad time for Linda which led to depression. 

In 2010, her sister Bernie was also diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemotherapy and a mastectomy, she was given the all clear but sadly, in 2012, she revealed the cancer had returned, spreading to her lungs, brain, liver and bones and she sadly died a year later at just 52. 

Linda with late sister Bernie in 2011

Linda with late sister Bernie in 2011

Last year, Linda was diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer after doctors found a cyst on her pelvis. The 59-year-old has revealed however that she won’t be accepting any treatment for the cancer. 

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, she said: “If the cancer spreads and they offer me chemotherapy to give me an extra few months, I would turn it down after what Bernie went through. The last couple of months of her life were really difficult. She was in terrible pain. I want to enjoy the last months of my life to the full.”

Although the cancer isn’t curable, it’s treatable, meaning she could be living with cancer for years. She is however preparing for her final months and days whilst her cancer is under control, so when her health does begin to deteriorate, her family won’t have anything to worry about. 

"As hard as it would be, I would definitely have a party. I would send out invitations saying 'I don't know how much longer I have left' and it would be a chance to say goodbye."

"I’ve just got to be good to myself and look after myself. And look forward with a positive sign now. I can look at the little nieces and nephews now and not get upset, because there's every possibility I am going to see them growing up, it's brilliant." 

She added: "Final message to cancer? You're dealing with a tough cookie here, so you know, be careful because I'm going to fight you all the way."

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