Eamonn Homes says TV is too politically correct

Eamonn Homes says TV is too politically correct

If you've ever thought that entertainment these days is too concerned with political correctness, you're not alone - This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes thinks it's making TV more 'vanilla'.

The presenter, who spent 12 years fronting GMTV as well as working on Sunrise on Sky, told the Daily Star that his job is made 'more difficult' by people who 'want to make themselves seem more important.'

"It's an increasingly PC world," he says. "You've got a whole TV schedule that is vanilla - it's full of vanilla presenters who just say what is on the autocue.

"I've got nothing against being PC. Nobody has any argument against things like equal pay or racial discrimination. But then there are some things that are so PC you just think, 'Oh, don't be ridiculous.'"

His comments on equal pay are particularly notable, after last week Ruth Langsford revealed she demanded the same rate of pay as her husband - and we say, good for her!

Last year Eamonn complained in another interview that many new presenters were lacking in talent.

"Unfortunately we've got this trend where it seems to be as long as people are famous or as long as they've come through reality TV, a lot of executives think, 'Well that's good enough, you should be on and you should anchor.'"