Congratulations to Steve Backshall and Helen Glover

Congratulations to Steve Backshall and Helen Glover

We are so happy to finally hear some good news for this lovely couple who have welcomed their new baby boy into the world this week. The couple confirmed the news after Helen shared this adorable photo on her Instagram account of their new arrival's tiny foot in Steve's hand! 

She wrote: "Steve and I will are excited to welcome Baby Boy Backshall to the world, we promise to make it a great one for you little man @backshall.steve."

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The couple have already been flooded with messages from well wishers, including from adventurer Ben Fogle, who responded with "huge congratulations". 

Olympic cyclist and double gold medal winner Joanna Rowsell-Shand also responded to Steve's tweet, saying: "Congratulations to you both, the fun begins!"

  • We can't wait to hear what the couple decide to name their baby! What do you think they should call him? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter

Some devastating news for Steve Backshall and his wife Helen Glover

We can’t imagine how poor Steve Backshall and his gold medal winning wife Helen Glover are feeling this week following their very sad news. 

The couple took to Twitter this week to announce the devastating news that they have lost one of their baby twins. The news comes just a month after the couple announced they were expecting twins together. The olympian tweeted this emotional message to followers:


After they announced their engagement in 2015, Steve and Helen married in 2016 in a beautiful ceremony in Cornwall, surrounded by family and famous friends from Strictly.  


44-year-old Steve also sent a tweet out with this message for fans: 'Many thanks for all your kind messages. We’ve had the news that one twin has not survived, but are still looking forward to our new addition this summer. Sb'

Within minutes of posting about their sad news, fans sent the couple floods of supportive messages and condolences including presenter Ben Fogle, whose wife Marina suffered a miscarriage a decade ago. 

We're crossing our fingers hoping the rest of Helen's pregnancy goes smoothly and the remaining twin arrives safely for the lovely couple.