Why Denise Welch put on weight after giving up alcohol

Why Denise Welch put on weight after giving up alcohol
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It is often presumed if we cut certain things out of our diet such as sugar, processed foods and alcohol out of our diets our overall health will improve. However, actress Denise Welch found her body went the other way when she stopped drinking alcohol.

The 59-year-old actress decided to eliminate booze from her life over six years ago but she has admitted she started to substitute her beverages with sweet treats and pies, which lead to her putting on over two stone in weight and a develop a sugar addiction.

Speaking to the MailOnline, she said: "I had periods where I was much slimmer but all of the periods in life, in the last 20 years when I was slim without trying, it was the bad time in life. I had problems with alcohol and it was when I took alcohol out of my life six years ago that I started to replace alcohol with food.

"I wasn't aware I was doing it at the time, it was a slow burn. Your body starts to crave sugar, people have this idea that you cut out alcohol and you lose weight, but it's mostly not the case because your body craves sugar so much.

"What was happening was I was replacing alcohol addiction with food addiction and realised that because I was eating in a destructive way, it wasn't healthy."

Denise realised she had a problem when she started to eat food in secret to feed her cravings for sugar.

"Who was I hiding it from? No one in my family had any problem with me doing what I wanted but I just realised I had a bad relationship with food and this is something that was going to become as bad for me as the alcohol addiction."

After Denise realised she had a problem, she has managed to lose two stone within two months on the LighterLife plan and now feels happier than ever before and a lot more confident with her body and happier with her health. 

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