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David Jason has criticised Mrs Brown’s Boys for THIS

Lizzy DeningTV
David Jason has criticised Mrs Brown’s Boys for THIS

Comedy veteran Sir David Jason has called out the award-winning BBC show Mrs Brown’s Boys for its use of swear words.

The Touch of Frost star says he’s a fan of the show, which is says is ‘very funny’, but thinks ‘the language is a bit strong’ for a family show, and worries it risks alienating younger viewers.

The comedy series first aired in 2011 and is written and starring Brendan O’Carroll, along with many of his real-life family, including wife Jennifer Gibney, sister-in-law Fiona Gibney and his children and grandchildren.

This year it was the most watched TV show on Christmas Day – beating both Eastenders and Call the Midwife, with a whopping seven million viewers tuning in.


Having said that, it may be that David Jason has a point about alienating family viewers, as the number is nothing compared to the 24 million who watched the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special back in 1996. The 77-year-old believes his own success in the world of comedy TV, from Only Fools to Open All Hours, is that his programmes were silly but good clean fun, with no sex or swearing.

“The whole family can watch Open All Hours and feel safe,” he says. “Not only is it funny, silly and daft but there is no worry that your gran at 90 will see something.”


In good news for fans of the actor, he’s revealed he has no plans to retire and has announced he’ll be returning as Granville in Still Open All Hours, after the spin-off was well received. Sir David starred in the original Open All Hours with the late Ronnie Barker, and it was revived in 2013 with his character Granville taking over the shop.