Carrie Fisher's dog has gone into retirement

Carrie Fisher's dog has gone into retirement
Image from @garyfisher on Instagram

Image from @garyfisher on Instagram

After the Star Wars actress sadly passed away in 2016 aged 60, her beloved pet pooch Gary went to live with Carrie’s former assistant Corby McCoin who continued to keep fans updated on Gary and his extraordinarily long tongue with his very own Instagram account.

Updating Gary’s 189,000 Instagram followers, Corby posted a photo of Gary relaxing on the beach, announcing that he is now residing in Florida after a stint in New York.

The caption announced : "Just wanted to check in and say it has been 2 years and I miss my mom everyday. I tried New York after LA and decided the beach is much better. Hello Florida and the new adventure begins  #garymisseshismom #garyloveshismom #garyloveshisfans #garyfisher #frenchiesofinstagram #garyindestinflorida2019 #garysnewadventures (sic)"

Carrie's half-sister Joely Fisher revealed last year that Gary was still pining after her but admits he would perk up during his daily visits from Joely.

She said: "They were very, very close. I truly believe that he recognises that she is not here. But it's funny. When I started spending time with him, we have a similar timber in our voice so when I say 'Gary', like Carrie would have, he looks."

"I see Gary every day and he's doing great. He's a really great dog. He's on my Instagram almost every day too, so people can go check him out there. He's a very special animal."

Gary was a real helping hand for Carrie as he acted as a therapy dog for her whilst she dealt with bipolar disorder and it’s clear to see how much he’s missing his mum Carrie. When Corby took the canine to watch Carrie’s last performance as General Leia Organa in the eighth instalment of the sci-fi franchise at the cinema in December 2017.

ABC News reporter Veronica Miracle shared the news on Twitter, when she wrote: "The late @carrieffisher's dog Gary just watched #TheLastJedi! He sat on Fisher's former assistant's lap during the film. She said his ears perked up every time she was on screen @starwars @ABC7”

Gary will be able to see his late owner again in Star Wars: Episode IX, as she will make an appearance in the film through unreleased footage of the actress before she tragically passed away.

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