Everything you need to know about Caroline Catz

Everything you need to know about Caroline Catz

Discover more about the Doc Martin and DCI Banks star, Caroline Catz

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Caroline and co-stars in Curtains

Caroline and co-stars in Curtains

Caroline Catz in Curtains at Kingston Theatre

Caroline is taking some time out from her busy TV schedule to tread the boards at the Rose Theatre in Kingston, in a production called Curtains, directed by Lindsay Posner. The comedy play centres around Ida who is set to celebrate her 86th birthday. 

Sigourney Weaver in Doc Martin

Caroline and Martin Clunes are set to be joined by Hollywood royalty Sigourney Weaver in the latest series of Doc Martin! She'll be reprising her 2015 cameo Beth Traywick after proving popular with viewers.

Doc Martin's final series

Sadly, Martin Clunes confirmed earlier this year that series nine of Doc Martin (out in 2018) is to be its last. Series eight will air later this year.

Who is Caroline Catz?

If you’re a fan of TV crime dramas, you’re sure to recognise British actress Caroline Catz, who has worked in many of our favourite shows, from DCI Banks to The Bill. 

Is Caroline Catz her real name?

Actually no, her real name is Caroline Caplan, but when she registered as an actor with Equity her name was already taken, so she became Catz.


Caroline Catz and DCI Banks

Caroline starred in DCI Banks from 2012 until its cancelation in 2016.
Yours writer Alison James interviewed her about her role in DCI Banks back in 2015:

There’s something rather intimidating about Caroline Catz when she’s dressed as her DCI Banks character, the formidable Detective Inspector Helen Morton.

Caroline in DCI Banks

Caroline in DCI Banks

 “It’s the hairdo,” explains Caroline as we chat to her on the Yorkshire-based set of the crime series. “It’s rather severe, as you can see – pulled tightly back into a bun. I do find it hard to shake Helen off when I still have her hair. But that can be very useful when you want to get things done. When I am racing for a train at the end of the week and I’ve still got my hairdo on, I sometimes forget I’m not her. That’s quite useful because it gets you a ticket faster in the queue and certainly gets you through the barriers.”

DCI Banks is known for its gritty realism and authenticity. Nevertheless, it comes as a surprise to learn that the mortuary scenes are filmed in a real mortuary rather than mocked up in a studio.

“It’s really not pleasant,” Caroline comments. “I always tell myself that I won’t let it freak me out being there, but it always does. I’m like, ‘Get me out of here.’ I literally run out once we’ve finished filming.”


Caroline Catz and Stephen Tompkinson

Caroline says her co-star, Stephen Tompkinson, who plays DCI Banks, is wonderful at lightening the mood during the dreaded mortuary scenes.
 “Stephen has the most amazing brain and memory for identifying the theme tunes of old children’s TV programmes and he distracts me with those.
“He also remembers all the characters’ names and those of the actors. It’s impossible to catch him out. I check out what he’s said online and he’s always right.
“It’s very impressive and a great distraction. We also laugh a lot together – in fact the grimmer the scenes, the sillier we are. It’s a kind of release.”

It’s clear she’s very fond of her character, Helen – severe hairdo and all.
“I love doing this job. It’s so different from playing Louisa in Doc Martin. In fact, Helen’s more like Doc Martin than Louisa. I think if they met they’d definitely get on! Helen is a very particular kind of character. She’s very guarded and I find her quite interesting, personally.

“She’s often misunderstood by her colleagues – she has a very dry sense of humour, which is sometimes confused for rudeness and she often is perhaps a little more direct than is necessary. All of which is great fun to play, as you can imagine.

“But I think the point is she has great integrity. She is economical with the niceties, which she would probably consider a waste of time – and what others may consider being personable and easy to get along with. In a work environment she likes to get things done and to stay focused and that’s what makes her a useful member of the team.

“Unfortunately along with that comes the negative side. Her overly direct approach can be problematic for her colleagues, for instance.”


Caroline Catz’s family

We’re guessing that Caroline, whose husband is actor Michael Higgs, and has two children, Honor, aged 11, and Sonny (16) wouldn’t have liked to become a detective in real life.
“I couldn’t cope with gruesome crime scenes,” she says. “Even when you know it’s made up and everything’s mocked up, it’s still terrifying. You imagine how awful it would be if it was real.”

Caroline Catz in Doc Martin

She’s played primary school headmistress Louisa Glasson in Doc Martin since 2004, and her character has a baby with co-star Martin Clunes. So who is Caroline more like – Helen or the very personable Louisa from Doc Martin? “That’s hard to say,” she told us. “They are very different and there are parts of me in both characters – it’s inevitable that you draw on your own personality when you’re playing someone.”

Caroline Catz on This Morning

Caroline Catz and The Bill

Caroline played Rosie Fox in The Bill for two years, which was one of four long-term roles as a policewoman in a drama, as well as where she met her husband!

What else has Caroline Catz been in?

Caroline has also been in The Vice, Murder in Suburbia, In Denial of Murder, Hotel Babylon, All Quiet on the Preston Front, I Want My Wife Back, and TV movie The Guilty.

Caroline Catz’s band

A young Caroline was once in an Indie band called Monoland!

Who is Caroline Catz’s husband?

The actor Michael Higgs married Caroline back in 1997 and they have two children

How old is Caroline Catz?

Caroline was born in 1969 and is currently aged 47.