Carol Smillie's surprising career change

Carol Smillie's surprising career change

We all know Carol from her Changing Rooms days, but now, the 56-year-old TV presenter has been leading humanist funerals under her married name, Carol Knight, for the past two months, and is hoping to start taking weddings too.

The presenter said: "I was a bit worried people might think they are in some horrific reality TV show when they walk into a funeral and see me there.

"But I've had people saying, 'Aww, my mother would have loved that.'

"In a way, my profile has helped because people feel they know me a little bit already. I'm not a complete stranger walking into their house when we first meet."

Carol was announced as one of seven members of the Humanist Society Scotland earlier this year, she began her training in March and can now conduct funerals and naming ceremonies.

She said: "I was a professional mourner for about two months, turning up at humanist funerals, keeping to the back.

"My mentor told me to watch different celebrants to see how they did it. I quickly learned that people are very vulnerable at a funeral. They don't actually see you there.

"People are fascinating. I'm always interested in other people's lives.

"Being a humanist celebrant means getting people through the best and worst days of their lives with dignity and respect. That's such a privilege."

Carol wanted to find a new project after her new brand of leak-proof underwear for women was licensed to the home shopping network High Street TV.

She is quoted by The Sunday Post as saying: "It's an obvious fit for the skills I already have. You need to be confident speaking in public, good with people and sensitive.

"You learn how to write and structure a ceremony, and how to deal with people."