Brendan Cole admits he is struggling with his second child

Brendan Cole admits he is struggling with his second child

Just months after it was announced Brendan Cole had been axed by BBC bosses for the upcoming series of Strictly, he has bravely spoken out about his battle with anxiety and his struggles with his second son. 

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Brendan and wife Zoe welcomed their second child Danté into the world just under three months ago, but Brendan has admitted he is struggling to bond with their new arrival. The 42-year-old dancer commented on Loose Women that it has been a completely different experience to bringing up his 5-year-old daughter Aurelia, leaving him to often feel like a 'bad dad'. 

Opening up about his children, he said: "My daughter is daddy’s little girl. I love her to bits, as you do with your children. On a more serious note, I’m struggling more with the second child. 

"Not post-natal depression, or anything like that, because that’s obviously what women go through, but I still feel there’s a real sense of anxiety with the second one. 

"I feel like I’m a bad dad, because I feel I’m not really bonding bonding with him. I feel terrible even talking like this because he’s a gorgeous little boy but he cries a lot.

"I find myself, when he’s crying at 3am, I just want him to go to sleep. I know we all do that as parents. I find it very different with my daughter. It was never an issue!"

Following his recent departure from Strictly, he also fears that he will be forced into selling his home as he is not sure when he will secure his next job. 


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"It’s been 15 years of my life (on Strictly) and now there’s a definitive change, it’s slightly scary, but exciting change. A new baby, we all have mortgages to pay.

"I think most parents, we have a responsibility to provide. I don’t want to have to sell my house."

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