More heartbreak for Corrie star Bill Roache

More heartbreak for Corrie star Bill Roache

Bill Roache talks about the grieving process

Corrie star Bill is no stranger to grief. After losing his second wife, Sara Mottram, in 2009, and their daughter Edwina to pneumonia when she was just 18 months old in 1983 and more recently his daughter Vanya .

Speaking to Sprit and Destiny magazine, Bill has opened up about his grieving process and says he got over the death of his daughter in the space of a "few days".

"After the death of the physical body, the soul returns to heaven, which is our eternal home.

"Vanya has gone to a far better, happier place and I don't need to grieve for her."

The 86-year-old actor who is most famous for playing Ken Barlow on Coronation Street lost his eldest daughter Vanya to liver failure in March when she was 50. Bill has revealed he stopped grieving for his daughter "a week" after she passed away.

Bill explained that his grieving process has been so brief because he worries that the negative energy will eventually reach her.

"If I grieve it's because I miss her and that's negative and where she is she'll pick up on that so I send her my love.

"Of course, for the first few days after her death it was natural to grieve, but within a week I got over it because I know she's in a beautiful place reunited with other loved ones."

Although Bill doesn't identify with a religion, he believes there is another phase that exists beyond death on Earth.

"Death is something we can look forward to because we'll be going back to our eternal home and will be closer to source, to love."

Bill opens up about the death of his close friend

Following the very sad death of Coronation Street legend Anne Kirkbride who played Deirdre Barlow, her on-screen husband Bill Roache has opened up about their Corrie relationship and her devastating death. 

Talking in his new book, Life and Soul, Bill compared his and Anne's close relationship playing Ken and Deirdree Barlow to being married. "With Annie, it felt like being married in a parallel life - Ken and Deirdre - even though we'd go our separate ways in the evenings.

"Annie and I were kindred spirits in many ways."

Anne, who sadly died aged 60 in January 2015 after a battle with cancer, first appeared as Deirdre in 1972. In his book, Bill remembers his emotional final meeting with Anne. "She was unconscious, sedated with morphine, but she had a glow that seemed to come from within.


"I held her hand. I felt a tremor and hoped that was a sign she knew I was with her. I thanked her for everything. 'Goodbye, Annie,' I said. 'You know you're going to a beautiful place.' "

The 86-year-old actor previously claimed to have been visited on the set of the ITV soap by Anne the day after she lost her battle with cancer.

Speaking in 2015, he said: "I walked towards that set, I felt her presence because she did have an incredible presence.

"I saw her the day she died, she died in the evening on the Monday and I went that afternoon and I was warned she'd lost a lot of weight."

Bill's daughter Vanya passes away

Famous for starring in Coronation Street as Ken Barlow since its very first episode in 1960, 85-year-old Bill has had to overcome the loss of several of his loved ones in recent years and now he’s having to deal with the sad news that his daughter has died.

Bill is said to be heartbroken after the death of his 50-year-old daughter, Vanya. She sadly died last week and is the second child Bill has had to deal with losing. He lost his daughter, Edwina to pneumonia in 1983 when she was just 18-months old. He also lost Edwina’s mother Sara in 2009 after she suddenly collapsed and died.

Vanya’s death comes after the father and daughter settled their differences with one another after a difficult relationship following Bill’s divorce from Vanya’s mother, Anna. Vanya also stood by her dad during the time he was tried for the sex abuse and rape allegations made against him.

Vanya sadly died from liver failure. After she developed the life-threatening condition, she passed away very quickly. ITV have allowed Bill to take as much time as he needs off the cobbles in compassionate leave until he feels ready to return to work.

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