Gloria Hunniford set to write an erotic novel

Gloria Hunniford set to write an erotic novel

Following the success of the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey novels, 78-year-old Gloria Hunniford is planning to write a racy novel of her own in the near future. The book sounds like it will be very different to her 2017 book My Life - The Autobiography and it looks like she already has the plot! 

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column, Gloria said:  "I have a very racy novel in my head. I've got the plot.

"It's a combination of everything including money, diamonds, raciness and men."

The Loose Women panelist has praised the daytime show for encouraging women of all ages to talk freely about sex.

She said: "Particularly when I'm in Ireland, very old women will say to me behind the back of the hand, 'I love that 'Loose Women' show, because you talk about sex and we were never allowed to talk about sex.'

"If my mother knew I was talking about sex live on TV she'd turn over, because it's not something you did.

"What I like about modern society is how open we all are.

"I can talk to my grandchildren about virtually anything. It's really positive."

The Rip Off Britain host previously revealed how she used to read erotic fiction to get her through the night feeds when her children were babies.

She said: "'Fifty Shades' had nothing on me at that point. When I had to get up so many times, I would think to myself, I couldn't wait to get to the chapter to see what was happening next, so it got me through the night."