Bergerac is set for a reboot

Bergerac is set for a reboot

Fans of the hit 1980s detective drama starring John Nettles as Jim Bergerac will be delighted to hear that the series will be making an updated comeback and it’s already in the production stages. 

The original Jersey-based series - which ran for nine seasons from 1981 until its finale in 1991 - was originally produced by the BBC and featured Nettles as a maverick detective sergeant Jim Bergerac who didn't always follow the rules set by the fictional Bureau des Étrangers!

Artists Studios, Endemol Shine UK and Westward Studios will be making the classic crime series, and they have confirmed that the series will stay true to the original’s. 

Brian Constantine, CEO of Westward Studios, said: "I'm excited at the prospect that 'Bergerac' may be returning to our screens once again.

"It's a much-loved drama and a real boost for Jersey, my home, where 'Bergerac' has become part of the island's identity."

He added: "We've been trying to bring back 'Bergerac' for some time and I'm very glad that we have the next generation of such an iconic show in development.

"Updated for the present day, it will deal with contemporary stories-of-the-week that run alongside a strong serial spine."