Anton to turn his book into a film

Anton to turn his book into a film

We can't wait to read Anton's debut novel, One Enchanted Evening. The book, which is set to be released October 4th this year, is set in 1936 London and explores the fictional Buckingham Hotel Ballroom where the rich and famous go to be entertained by the talented dancers. 

Now, the Strictly Come Dancing star wants to take his novel to the big screen where he plans to take on the lead role himself.

Anton De Beke told the Daily Express newspaper: "It's coming out in October and it is absolutely fabulous fiction.

"I want to have hundreds of TV rights, a movie and I might play the main part myself."

He previously said: "I've always loved a good story. Until now I've only told them through dance. Now it's time to take them to the page.

"It's a huge challenge for me but one I am thrilled to be undertaking with the team at Bonnier Zaffre.

"I hope my readers will be as enchanted by my book as they would be by a perfect 10 for one of my routines."

Eleanor Dryden, publishing director of Bonnier Zaffre, said: "Anton has been enchanting us for years on the dance floor and now it's time to bring his storytelling talent to the world.

"He's as charming and creative off stage as he is on it and we could not be more excited to be working with him on this wonderful novel.

"I guarantee it will sweep you off your feet.”

Anton Du Beke reveals the names of his baby twins  

We were so delighted when Strictly Come Dancing star Anton du Beke announced his wife Hannah Summers had given birth to twins last year, and now, he has revealed the names of his 13-month-old twins. 

In a chat with Tess Daly for Heart's 'Confessions of a Celebrity School Run', Anton revealed that the twins are called George and Henrietta and gushed about how much he loves being a dad, calling it the "best thing". 

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Anton, 51 said: "I don't know what it's like to be a dad to a single baby, I know what it's like to be a dad to twins, and it's the best thing in the whole wide world, ever. 

"I love every second of it, and they don't feel like twins because we've got one of each, a boy and a girl, they're just two babies.

"They have two different personalities already, I can't even tell you, my heart just explodes every time I see them.

"I miss them all the time. I just FaceTimed my wife so she could show me the babies and stuff, I miss them all of the time."

Anton remembers Bruce

The couple had a tough time conceiving the twins and had to turn to IVF. Anton previously admitted it was a very tough time for the couple but he couldn't be more proud of Hannah for going through such an "ordeal".

"When you're going down that road, it's difficult to explain. I can't say there was ever a day that went by when I wasn't nervous about the whole thing.

"Hannah was remarkable - incredibly brave and resilient. It's quite an ordeal for ladies, IVF. All I could do is support her. I couldn't say. 'I'll take the injections today.' I was enormously proud of her.

"They're wonderful when they interact together. The rules were they were to move like me and look like their mum and it looks like it's happening!"