Why we love Anne Hegerty

Why we love Anne Hegerty

With her witty comments and kind natured ways, we can’t help but love Anne Hegerty as she shines in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle. The part she plays on The Chase is certainly far from the real Anne who’s shown her soft side as well as proving how brave she is in the challenges. Not only this, but Anne, who is known as the governess on The Chase, has opened up peoples eyes to the struggles of Asperges.

Thanks to Anne’s open chat about her battle with Asperges, the Autism Society’s website crashed due to the amount of people wanting to learn more about the condition. During the broadcast conversation with her campmates, The Chase star raised awareness that, like her, most people don’t get diagnosed with autism until they’re well into adulthood, causing them to grow up confused without access to the right support systems.

Finding the symptoms and correct help for autism is becoming easier these days, with a simple online test being able to estimate where you are on the autistic spectrum before speaking to your GP. There’s also plenty of advice for those who aren’t living with autism on how those with autism may be feeling and how to understand this.

Five things you probably didn’t know about Anne

  1. She’s a world class quizzer - Anne is the second best female quizzer in the world!

  2. It’s not just quizzing she’s talented at, as she’s appeared in plenty of panto’s over the years, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Aladdin.

  3. Before she was a professional quizzer, Anne was a journalist, working as a reporter and feature writer at the South Wales Argus.

  4. Anne is not only a chaser in the UK but is also a regular chaser on the Australian version of The Chase.

  5. We all know she’s referred to as The Governess in the UK version, but her Australian nickname in The Chase is Frosty Knickers!