Alan Titchmarsh reveals he underwent knee surgery

Alan Titchmarsh reveals he underwent knee surgery

His long career in gardening has clearly taken its toll on Alan Titchmarsh who has revealed this week that he was forced to undergo surgery on both his knees. 

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, the 69-year-old celebrity gardener said he was forced to have the surgery after years of kneeling down gardening. Following the op, Alan says he now feels like a "spring chicken". 

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“I have had what is known as knee arthroscopy on both my knees and my surgeon did it to investigate the reason for my knee pain.

“While he was doing it he removed all my damaged tissue and cartilage – I had it all cleared out and they feel so much better.

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“I’ve got bad knees as a result of a lot of kneeling over the years from gardening and it has got a bit frayed in there but I am a spring chicken again now.”

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