Unforgotten is returning for a fourth series

Unforgotten is returning for a fourth series

We loved the first three series of ITV crime drama, Unforgotten and are thrilled to hear that a fourth series has been confirmed by ITV.

It will see the return of actress Nicola Walker who you may also recognise from Last Tango in Halifax alongside Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar, most famous for Goodness Gracious Me.

Creator of the show, Chris Lang said: "I am so delighted to have been asked to make a fourth series of Unforgotten. The reaction to series 3 was better than I could ever have expected (with more people watching the last episode than any other in all three series) and I cannot wait to discover what lies ahead for Cassie and Sunny, and to create a whole new cast of characters for them to grapple with."

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Nicola Walker’s hardly a stranger when it comes to acting alongside respected thespians. She was in Last Tango in Halifax with Sir Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid and Sarah Lancashire; Spooks with Peter Firth, and her first ever role was playing a folk singer in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral which starred Hugh Grant. But she is clearly impressed by the established actors appearing with her in The Unforgotten – Sir Tom Courtenay, Trevor Eve, Peter Egan, Gemma Jones, Bernard Hill, Hannah Gordon, Cherie Lunghi and Ruth Sheen.

“They are amazing – this parade of unbelievable actors,” says Nicola as we chat to her on set. “They’re at the top of their game and so experienced and focused – yet relaxed and even playful inbetween takes. It’s an education just to watch them. So to have the privilege of acting with them… well, I just feel so lucky. I’m starting to sound really gushing!”

Nicola plays DCI Cassie Stuart while comedian and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar (known for The Kumars and The Indian Doctor) plays her deputy, DS Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan.

The six part series focuses on a ‘cold’ murder case of 39 years ago. The bones of a young man are found beneath the footings of the recently-demolished Arlingham House, a red-bricked Victorian house in London which, over the years, has been a private home, British Rail records office, flats, a homeless hostel, and a DHSS office. An investigation begins that unravels the lives of four people (played by Courtenay, Eve, Sheen and Hill, respectively) who have been waiting for – and secretly dreading – this moment for nearly 40 years. DCI Stuart and DS Khan are the modern-day detectives who, while searching for the boy’s killer, gradually unravel deep-rooted and long-forgotten secrets about the four suspects.

Having been lucky enough to see the first episode, we can say that it’s truly gripping and leaves you desperate to find out what happens next – and, ultimately, the identity of the killer of course.

“Essentially, The Unforgotten poses questions like  – ‘How do you live when you have something in your past which you have to completely bury because it’s so awful?’,” Nicola explains. “How does a person live a life, having murdered someone, without it showing?

“What’s very special about The Unforgotten is that it shows the lives of the four suspects before it’s confirmed they have anything to do with the murder. You really get to know their characters and you start caring about them and their families. I also like the fact that it’s a far more realistic representation of a police force investigating a crime than we’re perhaps used to seeing on TV. That’s what initially drew me in when I first read the script. Obviously I’m not going to drop any hints about who the murderer turns out to be but the viewers will be surprised, I think. I certainly was when I found out.”

Nicola says she could never be a DCI in real life. “While I have the utmost respect for the work the police do, I couldn’t do it. In one of the first scenes, you see Cassie finding the skeleton in the cellar. I wouldn’t be able to take something like that in my stride – just acting it has an effect on me and I try not to take it home with me. I want to affect the audience, not my poor family.”

Nicola (45) is married to actor Barnaby Kay and they have a nine-year-old son, Harry. “Obviously Harry won’t be watching The Unforgotten,” she smiles. “He’s far too young. I’m trying to get a gig on CBBC so he’ll be able to see me reading a story or something. In some ways, I wish I’d started having a family earlier because, well, it’s such good fun. I wish someone had said to me, ‘You will have a fantastic time and, yes, you will still be able to work’. Like a lot of women, I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t really prepared for it. You just know everything will change – and while it does, it’s in a good way. A friend said to me, ‘Four years after your child’s born you won’t want to go back, or even remember, your old life because your new life is so much better.’ And it is.”

Nicola’s due back on set but we can’t let her go without asking her if she’ll be starring in another series of Last Tango in Halifax? “I hope so. Writer Sally Wainwright has some ideas for another series and wants to write for the characters again but that won’t be until next year. That’s probably a good thing, though – I’m rather caught up with Cassie right now!’

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