11 reasons we'd love to have a cuppa with Paul O'Grady

11 reasons we'd love to have a cuppa with Paul O'Grady

There are so many reasons why Paul O'Grady is one of our favourite cover stars. From his work on classic series such as Blind Date, For the Love Of Dogs and Animal Orphans, to his incredibly honest books and naughty laugh - what's not to like?

Here are just 11 of the reasons we're big Paul fans

1. Paul loves his dogs

Just like us, Paul's a right softie when it comes to his five dogs, with his faithful hounds often helping him to present The Paul O'Grady Show. It's no wonder he was recently voted the nation's favourite dog lover. And he's heartbroken when they pass away. RIP sweet Buster, who tragically died of cancer despite Paul's best efforts. 

2. Paul O'Grady's work for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

It's not just his own pets he's fond of - he's an ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home after the success of his series Paul O'Grady: For The Love Of Dogs. And then there's his work for wildlife, with his wonderful (tear-jerking) series Animal Orphans.

Paul and Amanda Holden at the Collars and Coats Ball

Paul and Amanda Holden at the Collars and Coats Ball

3. He's happy to act his age!

Paul O'Grady told us that turning 60 had made him braver, saying 'outrageous' things in shops. And why not?

4. Paul isn't afraid to share his passions with the world

Whether it's his love of animals, or his respect for the Salvation Army, he's made numerous programmes that have brought a tear to our eyes.

5. We love him - and he loves us!

Paul recently told us about his love for the British public and the kindness he was shown after launching a Save The Children appeal.

6. Paul O'Grady is devoted to his daughter

Family-man Paul, who lives in a farmhouse in Kent, recently got married to former English National Ballet dancer Andre Portasio. He previously had a 25 year relationship with his agent Brendan Murphy, who tragically died of a brain tumour. He's also a wonderful father to Sharyn and grandfather to grandson Abel. 

7. He's had some wonderful celebrity friends

From Bob Monkhouse and Barbara Windsor to Cilla Black - and we bet he's got some fabulous stories to tell.

8. Paul has been making us laugh for years

Whether as Lily Savage presenting Blankety Blank, or just being himself with that naughty twinkle in his eye on his chat show.

9. Paul O'Grady's many books

As well as chatting, he has a talent for writing, and we've always enjoyed his books, from At My Mother's Knee: The Low Joints, to Open The Cage Murphy! His autobiographies always make us giggle with their silly celebrity tales.

10. He never takes himself too seriously

He's always happy to dress up and explore his silly side in a good old fashioned pantomime - even if he might display some colourful language while he's strapped into a harness to help him fly! In fact, he's generally a big kid when it comes to Christmas, and by the sounds of it, makes a wonderful roast dinner.

11. We'd love to get crafty with him

From candle making to painting, he's a big fan of creative endeavours.

We're now campaigning for Paul O'Grady to be given a knighthood!