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We can all feel a little lonely from time to time and senior chat rooms are a lovely way to connect with like-minded individuals, whether you’re looking for a new friendship or even something more. We’ve rounded up the best senior chat rooms for you to take a look at.

50plus-Club Chat

Consisting only of members over the age of 45, 50plus-Club Chat gathers together men and women who are seeking lasting worldwide senior friendships in a welcoming and fun environment. They even old a weekly quiz on Sunday evenings to get your brain ticking. The site also has a number of successful romantic stories too.

Free to use.


With a separate section for senior members, 321chat's senior chat is suitable for anyone 50 years old or older. Everyone is 'put' in a virtual room and you can freely interact with other members that are online at the same time. You can also browse user profiles and pictures to help decide who to send a private message to or you can simply join the public group conversation and let everyone get to know you over time.

Free to use.

Senior Chatters

One of the most popular chat rooms, Senior Chatters has been going since 2004 and is easy to navigate with plenty of options to explore. Join Senior Chatters DJ for live music where you can listen in and even request songs whilst chatting. Fancy a Jigsaws or a daily Crossword? Take your pick from a host of classic single-player games available in the Senior Chatter's games room. You can even write your own blog and create a following of fans interested in what you have to say.

Free to use.


A website which encompasses social networking, forums and chat rooms, Buzz50 also offers live webcam chat and games to play. There’s also the opportunity to join Buzz dating.

Free to use.

Our Time

If you’re looking specifically for a new relationship, Our Time is the place for you. It’ll help you to discover new people who share the same interests and outlooks as you do and is full of tips and advice, allowing you to form meaningful relationships. Our Time also holds local activities such as cultural outings, cooking classes and trips where you can meet people in person too.

Our Time is free when it comes to setting up a membership and searching for matches however you might be interested in their paid membership which comes with more options such as messaging and seeing who has viewed or favourited your profile.

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Senior Cam Chat

For some of us, being able to see someone’s facial expressions and hearing their voice makes a huge difference when it comes to making friends and video chat is the main component when it comes to Senior Cam Chat.

The free basic membership will allow you to browse the site and view profiles but you’ll ideally want a premium membership which comes with numerous benefits.


Although not a chat room, the #50overFifty Facebook group is created by Yours and is based on the 50 over fifty challenge where you are encouraged to try 50 new things. The group is a friendly space where individuals can share success and inspiration, congratulate and support one another and most of all, it’s a wonderful place to meet others. {#h-although-not-a-chat-room-the-fitmind50-facebook-group-is-created-by-yours-and-based-on-the-fitmind50-challenge-where-you-are-encouraged-to-try-50-new-things-the-group-is-a-friendly-space-where-individuals-can-share-success-and-inspiration-congratulate-and-support-one-another-and-most-of-all-it-s-a-wonderful-place-to-meet-others}

Free to use

Sign up to FitMind50 here.

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