What is ‘by Amazon’?

Your weekly shop has never been easier...

by Samantha Price |

There's nothing worse than getting home from your weekly shop only to find you've forgotten something. Thankfully, there are quick solutions to these problems that come in the form of 'by Amazon'. But what is 'by Amazon'? And how can it help with those shopping essentials?

Well, by offering everyday staples from fresh produce to ready-made meals, along with British milk and responsibly sourced British meat, getting your weekly shop has never been easier. Not to mention, the premium range, 'Our Selection,' means finding goodies and treats at a ridiculously reasonable price.

And the best part? Some products are even eligible for next-day delivery. So if getting to the shops is more hassle than it's worth, all your shopping can be delivered right to your door the very next day.

The best buys from by Amazon

Take a look at some of the best buys from Amazon that are convenient, affordable and all in one place.

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