What are the lowest calorie alcohol drinks?

We give you the low-down on the lowest calorie alcohol you can enjoy without the hefty calories.

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We all enjoy a good alcoholic beverage at times but the amount of calories in these glasses can soon rack up, especially if you’re celebrating an occasion such as a birthday or simply getting into the spirit of Christmas. You might be surprised to learn that even those drinks you consider to be a lighter choice can be packed with added sugar.

The good news is that whether you prefer a glass of white wine or a gin and tonic, there are plenty of low-calorie options for you to choose from.

Take a look at the rough calories for some of the lowest calorie alcohol options according to drinkaware.co.uk:

Glass of prosecco - 86 calories

A standard glass of red or white wine - 158 calories

Vodka and soda water - 60 calories

Single gin and slimline tonic - 64 calories

Half a pint of larger - 91 calories

Single 25ml serving of brandy - 55 calories

Single 25ml serving of whisky - 55 calories

A 75ml glass of port/sherry - 116 calories

Alcopops - although these are varied, they are often around 170 calories

Lowest calorie alcohol drinks to buy

Check out the lowest calorie alcohol drink options you can buy straight from the shops:

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Slim Zero Sugar Sparkling White Wine

Slim Zero Sugar Sparkling White Wine

View offer

This Italian Sparkling White Wine combines a pure blend of single vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot. Enjoy a light crisp flavour with a delicate and elegant nose.

CleanGin 1.2%


View offer

Review: Digital Writer Steph Anthony said: "I was recommended Clean Gin by a friend whou2019d seen it mentioned in a newspaper article. Iu2019m a big gin fan and love trying lots of different makes, I even collect the bottles! I can safely say I had no idea this was low calorie, it tasted just as good to me as the full calorie gins u2013 itu2019s also low alcohol, but you still get all the flavour, unlike other low alcohol gins Iu2019ve tried which just taste herby rather than like actual gin. Plus itu2019s a big bonus that it wonu2019t effect my waistline as much!"

FEENEY'S Skinny Moo Toffee Popcorn

Feeney's Skinny Moo Bottling Note

View offer

Deliciously creamy, this velvety treat is a delicious toffee take on a country cream. Only 55 calories per serving, you'll adore if it you have a sweet tooth.

Michelob Ultra Superior Light Lager Beer Bottles

Michelob Ultra Superior Light Lager Beer Bottles

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This light tasting premium beer has 45% lower calories than most premium beers.

Bud Light Lager Beer Bottles

Bud Light Lager Beer Bottles

View offer

The beechwood aging process of Bud Light results in a light-bodied lager with a refreshing taste and a crisp, clean finish.

Fauno GSM

Fauno GSM

View offer

Made from grapes sourced from a vineyard, Fauno GSM is a deep red wine that complements grilled meats and pasta dishes. With the subtle taste of velvety plum and blackberry, this juicy rich red has just a hint of pepper and spice to bring some warmth to the fresh fruitiness.

Make some swaps

Simply by making some smart swaps to low or no-calorie sweeteners in your alcoholic drinks or by opting for sugar-free mixers like diet coke or lemonade can help you save on calories and cut down on sugar at the same time.

Which drinks should I avoid?

We recommend being wary when ordering your drink from a tap in a pub as beer and larger are full of calories.

You should also bear in mind that when it comes to wines, sweeter options are usually much higher in calories so opt for drier wines.

Keep an eye on those double and triple measures too when it comes to spirits as this is an easy way for sugar content and calories to mount up. Cocktails too are loaded with sugar thanks to the mixers, fruit juices and syrups that make them.

How much should I be drinking?

NHS guidance states that “men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis” and that these units should be spread out over three or more days. As an example, as small 125ml glass of red/white/rosé wine works out as 1.5 units while a large (35ml) single measures of spirit such as gin or vodka is 1.4 units.

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