Delia Smith’s pancakes recipe

When in doubt, always follow Delia.

Delia Smith's pancakes recipe

by Emily Thorpe |

You can't go wrong with a Delia Smith recipe and when it comes to pancakes, only the best will do, which is why you need to try her pancake recipe.

It may seem a little bit fiddly at first but this is a tried and tested recipe that has become a family staple for many of us across the UK, producing a pile of delicious pancakes you can then top however you fancy.

Makes: 14-16


110g plain flour

Pinch of salt

2 large eggs

200ml semi-skimmed milk mixed with 75ml water

50g butter

To serve:

Caster sugar

Lemon juice

Lemon wedges


For the full method, visit Delia Online.

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