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Get fit and have fun at the same time with an exercise trampoline. There are many benefits to using a fitness trampoline for your workout. They’re a great form of cardio exercise, meaning the condition of your heart and lungs will improve. They’ll also help strengthen your joints, improve your pelvic floor, and may even help you lose weight. Best of all, an exercise trampoline can be used in the privacy of your own home and most of them fold neatly away, meaning you can store them easily. You can also add our easy at-home exercises for an extra fitness boost.

The best exercise trampolines at a glance

Best overall: Costway 40" Mini Trampoline Foldable Fitness Trampoline with Height Adjustable Handle - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best for added extras: Boogie Bounce Studio Rebounder - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best for beginners: CLORIS 48'' Foldable Fitness Trampoline - Buy now on Amazon UK

Exercising at home gives you the freedom to exercise in a way that suits you. You can wear what you want, although we strongly recommend a supportive sports bra for bouncing on a fitness trampoline! You can also tailor your workout to suit you. Maybe you want to turn your favourite music up loud so you can dance and bounce away, or maybe you’d prefer to follow a dedicated exercise trampoline workout DVD or find one online.

However you’d rather exercise, using a fitness trampoline is a great way to get moving. There’s lots to think about when choosing a mini trampoline, including ease of storage, how much room you have, and whether it comes with any extras such as a handle or resistance band attachments for some added weight training. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular exercise trampolines on the market so you can take your pick.

The best exercise trampolines 2024

Best exercise trampoline overall

Costway mini trampoline for home workoutsAmazon
Price: £65.95

The Costway mini trampoline is an excellent all-rounder and has the added benefit of coming with resistance bands. The 40-inch trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 150kgs (23 stone) and uses bungee cords to provide bounce rather than springs for extra durability. It’s relatively lightweight, though not as much as the Opti Mini, but it does fold away for easy storage, which we like. There’s also an attachable handle, with four different height options.  
What sets this exercise trampoline apart from the others, for us, is the resistance bands. These attach to the sides of the trampoline so you can add upper body and core exercises to your routine, meaning a much more efficient and effective workout.  

Customer review: "I bought this for me and my children to use and it doesn’t disappoint at all. Only thing it’s not quick and easy to fold down but it's not a problem."


  • High weight capacity
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Comes with resistance bands


  • Takes time to master folding technique

Best exercise trampoline for added extras

Boogie Bounce exercise trampolineAmazon
Price: £119.00

Boogie Bounce offer a sturdy trampoline with a strong bounce, suitable for users up to 127kg (20 stone). This exercise trampoline needs no tools for assembly, and you can easily fold and unfold it on your own. It has an adjustable handle for extra stability and comes with a convenient storage bag. There's lots of added extras such as grippy socks for more stable bouncing, a workout DVD from its qualified instructors, and a free trial of its app.  

Customer review: I love this trampoline. I’m 60 with arthritis so this is easy on my joints. I needed help opening it out, due to limited use with my hands. Legs easily clip in and was ready to use in 5 mins. Very quiet. No spring noise at all.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with handle
  • Includes many extras


  • Handle can feel loose

Best exercise trampoline for beginners

CLORIS exercise trampolineAmazon
Price: £105.99

The CLORIS fitness trampoline comes in a range of sizes and price points. The 48” one offers a good amount of room for bouncing and you don’t feel like you might come off the edge. An adjustable handle is included, with 5 different height settings. It’s suitable for users up to 184 kgs (29 stone), and the legs have suction cups on the bottom for extra stability. A lot of reviews mention that it can be noisy, though, so best avoided if you’re in a flat. It also doesn’t fold away for storage unless you detach all the legs and handle.  

Customer review: "Great all-rounder trampoline. Easy to assemble, left up in a room as use every day. I wouldn't say it’s quiet, springs can be noisy. Handle is a good option for those unsteady with balance, which is adjustable.”


  • High weight capacity
  • 5 different handle heights
  • Large diameter


  • Can be noisy
  • Difficult to store

Best mini fitness trampoline

Opti mini fitness trampolineArgos

The Opti Mini Fitness Trampoline is only 36 inches wide - perfect if space is at a premium. That said, you’ll need to be confident in bouncing on it as it doesn’t come with a handle. If you’re a complete beginner, something like the CLORIS trampoline above might be better.  
It’s very lightweight, so easy to move around, but can still support users up to 100kgs (15 stone 10lb). The mat is held in place by springs not bungee cords like some of the other models in this guide, so do watch your fingers and make sure the cover is over the springs at all times.  

Customer review: “Brilliant piece of kit, not professional standard so may not stand up to hours of hard bouncing, but for a small home gym, just the job!”


  • Lightweight
  • Good for small spaces


  • Small diameter
  • No handle

Best larger fitness trampoline

Like the Opti Mini Fitness Trampoline, the Bodymax has a maximum user weight of 100kgs (15 stone 10lb). However, this model has a larger diameter, at 40 inches. It doesn’t have a handle, so bear that in mind if balance is an issue. At less than £45 it offers great value for money but again, it uses metal springs rather than the bungee cords you’ll find in the more expensive models.  

Customer review: "I've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes so I need to do at least half an hour exercise a day to work my muscles. As well as running outdoors this is a great way to keep fit indoors on my days off running. This trampette very good size, large enough not to fall off it and not too springy.”


  • Large diameter
  • Easy to assemble


  • No handle
  • Uses metal springs

Best fitness trampoline with front bar

DOMYOS Fitness trampolineDecathlon

This exercise trampoline has a handle column rather than a bar, which offers slightly more freedom for leg movements. The handle is a fixed height, and the diameter of the mat is 32 inches. It also folds flat, so it’s great if you don’t have much space, but you’ll need to be confident in your balance given it’s fairly small.  The mat is held in place with thick bungee cords, providing a good level of bounce, and has a maximum weight capacity of 110kgs (17 stone).  

Customer review: “I cycle during summer months to help with my fitness but in bad weather and winter months I was looking for some indoor equipment, this trampoline is perfect, it's very easy to store in my small home and Quick and easy to put out and use. I'm very satisfied.”


  • Handle is a central column
  • Strong bungee cords


  • Small diameter
  • Firm bounce which might not suit everyone


 What’s the difference between an exercise trampoline and a rebounder?

These two terms are used interchangeably when talking about small trampolines. You might also hear them referred to as trampettes. Some rebounders might be slanted, designed for pro athletes such as footballers who need to practice quick changes of direction, but mostly both terms mean the same thing.

Will an exercise trampoline help me lose weight?

Like any form of additional movement, using a fitness trampoline may help aid weight loss. You’ll burn around about the same calories in a trampoline workout as you would jogging for the same amount of time, but only if you really apply yourself. However, weight loss comes from a combination of nutrition and physical activity, and will only occur if you burn more calories than you take in.

Rather than focusing on weight loss, take note of the many other positives that using a fitness trampoline can bring. The bouncing will help strengthen your joints, something that’s important as we age. You’ll also be working your cardio system (heart and lungs), so improving overall fitness. An exercise trampoline is also enormous fun, giving a boost to your happiness and wellbeing.

Can I use an exercise trampoline with bad knees?

Yes! You might think that the opposite would be true, but actually a mini trampoline can help strengthen the knee joints, provided it’s used correctly. Because it’s controlled movement, and low-impact, it doesn’t stress the knee joint as much as running, or jumping on a hard surface can. As a personal trainer, I’d remind everyone to keep the knees soft as you bounce, don’t lock the joint out fully, and be careful stepping on and off.

What exercises can I do on a fitness trampoline?

Aside from the obvious bouncing, there’s a multitude of exercises you can do on the trampoline. Try some squats; the springy surface will mean your legs and tummy muscles have to work harder to hold you steady. You can also try marching, lifting your knees as high as you can each time (don’t rush). When you’re confident, you could add some hand weights for curls at the same time. There’s also a wealth of exercise trampoline workouts to choose from on YouTube and some leisure centres even run group trampoline classes.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use an exercise trampoline?

People with back issues should avoid any type of trampoline, especially those with spinal cord injuries or conditions. The bouncing can also aggravate things like sciatica, and they’re not safe for those with osteoporosis.

Should I wear shoes or socks for a fitness trampoline workout?

Ideally, grippy socks are best for an exercise trampoline. They give some grip on the mat but also allow you to feel your movement that much better. If you feel more confident in trainers to support your ankle joints, aim for a lightweight, flexible shoe.

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