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The Raleigh Motus Step-Through

Product: E-bike Raleigh Motus

Price: £2,149.00

★★★★ (4/5)

If you enjoy cycling but are getting to the age when tackling hills or pedalling slightly longer distances is proving a bit more of a challenge then an E-bike could be for you.

Over the last few years the market for E-bikes –powered by an electric battery as well as propelled by pedal power – has expanded hugely.

I was the owner of a conventional push-bike but over the last few years had seldom got it out of the shed. The thought of pedalling up even slight inclines was increasingly proving a big turn-off.

So when the chance to review one of Raleigh’s new range of E-bikes came along I jumped at the chance.

The iconic bike manufacturer has a wide range of E-bikes to choose from but I went for the Raleigh Motus step-through bike (there are also cross-bar versions), powered by a Bosch battery.

The Bosch battery, widely accepted as the best one available for e-bikes, provides assistance only when you are pedalling and only up to a speed of 15mph. Of course you can go over that but that’s not power-assisted.

An easy-to-read display screen tells you exactly the speed you are travelling and the mode you are in. The Motus has 5 speeds you can apply ranging from eco – which gives a gentle boost – through to turbo which kicks in to get you up any hills.

At all times though you must be pedalling to engage the assistance. The distance a fully charged Bosch battery will take you depends on quite a few factors, including the mode you use. If you engage the turbo boost then it’s about 60km but using eco you can for a lot longer, about 160km. The battery also powers front and back lights.

I must admit I loved the boost the bike gives you. On the few occasions I used my push bike to pedal to work, a distance of about 8 miles, it took me more than an hour. With the E-bike it was 35 minutes.

Charging the bike is easy. Simply plug it into a socket at home, or the battery unit itself can be removed and plugged in separately.

One of the great things about it is that you are still getting exercise pedalling but the hard work of cycling up hills, or into a head wind, is removed!

The gear system on the Motus is enclosed too so there’s no oily chain problems!

I must admit I quickly became hooked on E-bikes. The price is quite hefty, the reason for four stars not five, but in the long run if you’re using it instead of the car for various journeys it will help save you money.

And finally, as with all cycling always, always ensure you are wearing a helmet. I had a few incidents not related to the bike itself where I fell off and both times having a helmet on saved me from any serious injury.

Find out more

If you’re interested in finding out more the best way is to get a test ride. Raleigh dealers offer customers the opportunity to test ride bikes for free.

To find your nearest Raleigh dealer visit www.raleigh.co.uk/store-locator

Extra details

  • For bikes bought from a Raleigh Select dealer, customer receive a free 6 and 12 month service of the e-bike. E-bikes do not require much more than maintenance than a standard bike. The motors are normally sealed to stop ingress of dirt.

  • The Raleigh Motus is available online and in dealers.

Raleigh provides a lifetime guarantee on the frame by registering the bike at www.raleigh.co.uk/warranty.

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