The 15 best resistance bands to keep you moving

Stay mobile in your home at low-cost and with easy-to-follow exercises.

best resistance bands exercises

by Eleanor Weaver |

A great solution for your home workouts is to buy a resistance band. Simple, yet effective to keeping fit and healthy.

These literal bands of stretchy latex, rubber or elastic are a cheap and effective tool for increasing your mobility with a full range of exercises that can get you moving every muscle in your body.

You might even feel inspired to try some of the resistance band exercises at the bottom of this article as part of your Fit Mind 50 challenge this year.

Read on to find out what makes them such a great all-rounder and the best resistance bands you can buy to start stimulating your muscles today.

Why should I use a resistance band?

Resistance bands may be small but they're mighty when it comes to the benefits they have in store:

• Use to increase muscle engagement

• Easy to store

• Affordable piece of exercise equipment

• Portable and easy to carry on the go to exercise indoors or outside

• Versatile for a range of exercises and movements

• Use to dynamically stretch for improved mobility

• Tone and build fitness through consistent exercise

• Assist in body weight exercises, such as standing push ups or pull ups

• Use a range of resistance level bands to help build strength where you need, making it great for a training routine or a rehabilitation programme.

The best resistance bands for your workouts

How do resistance bands work?

Resistance bands provide resistance in varying degrees of difficulty, forcing you to engage your muscles to work against it.

Due to their versatility, you can use them to move almost every muscle group in the body with targeted exercises, great for building muscle strength whilst protecting your joints.

Stretching with a resistance band will help build your flexibility, making everyday activities easier, which is why it is often recommended by physical therapists as a rehabilitation tool.

As well as building a healthier lifestyle, John Hopkins Medicine recommends using resistance exercises to build bone strength and prevent osteoporosis, helping to alleviate the risks of falls or injuries.

Best resistance band exercises

Lisa Purcell, a British Heart Foundation physical activity specialist recommends that "we should all do muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week" to help build this physical dexterity. Below are some great resistance band exercises to try.

Our top tip: Start with a lighter resistance band and build up your resistance slowly.

Video: Resistance band exercises for beginners with Vive Health

A short guide to using resistance bands with the British Heart Foundation

Simple stretches with our very own Mr Fit and Flexible

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