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Torvill and Dean are getting their own TV biopic!

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Torvill and Dean are getting their own TV biopic!

As anyone who watched the Winter Olympics or the film I, Tonya will know, the ice skating rink can often be fraught with drama. That's why we're excited to hear that ITV is planning to make a biopic about the early lives of famous British skaters Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean!

The pair, who won Olympic gold in 1984 with their famous Bolero routine, will be the main characters in the soon-to-be-commissioned drama, which will show how they got started in skating and made it to the top of their game.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster told the Radio Times: "Torvill and Dean is a single drama about how Jayne and Chris first met as teenagers.

"The drama will depict the forming of their extraordinary relationship which led to their incredibly successful ice dancing partnership."

Watch them in their famous 1984 Bolero Olympics routine and see why they won the gold medal:

They are, of course, familiar faces on the TV thanks to their roles as judges on Dancing On Ice, which was recently won by Jake Quickenden. 


Despite their success at the Winter Olympics in 1984, little is known about their early years.

But in the 2014 book written by the pair, Our Life On Ice, Christopher opened up about his challenging childhood, revealing how his father's adultery broke up the family.

He explained: "Home was a flat - a kind of maisonette, really. It sounds quite posh but I promise you it wasn't. We had lino instead of carpets and all of the furniture was either second-hand or on its last legs.

"I had one bath a week (a fact my children find stomach-churning), except in the summer when I had a stand-up strip-wash - the weather being far too hot to light a fire - and we had no immersion heater."

According to the ITV insider, the programme could make up part of the 2018 Christmas TV schedule.