The best Doro phones with simplicity in mind

We've done the research and rounded up the best Doro phones on the market.

Best doro phones

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We've put together a guide on the best Doro phone to keep in touch with your friends and family. If you've been looking for an easy-to-use, basic mobile phone, you've probably already come across the brand Doro. These mobile devices have been designed with simplicity in mind. Doro phones are great for those who don't need a phone with tonnes of different apps and fiddly features.

They are particularly good phones for those who struggle with their hearing, sight or dexterity issues. This is because of the large buttons, louder volume and clear screen. These phones are mainly used to make calls and send texts. Doro phones are amongst the best mobile phones for elderly loved ones.

Best Doro mobile phones at a glance

Best easy-grip phone: Doro 2404 – view on Amazon UK
Best for hearing difficulties: Doro 6620 – view on Amazon UK
Best smartphone option: Doro 8080 – view on eBay UK
Best for simplicity: Doro 780X – view on Amazon UK

All Doro phones also come with an SOS button. This allows the user to contact their emergency contacts at the push of one button. So, they're ideal for more vulnerable people.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use mobile phone? Doro has also released a range of phones that are more like a smartphone. So, this offers users the best of both worlds with an easy-to-use smartphone alternative. Don't expect to pay over-the-odds either, Doro phones are excellent budget smartphones with refurbished options at around £30 and new basic phones for between £40–£60.

Best Doro mobile phones

Best easy-grip phone

Doro 2404Amazon/Doro
Price: $61.20

With a large screen display and big buttons, this Doro 2404 flip phone comes in a sleek, black design. It also features a camera with flash, Bluetooth and an assistance button making it perfect for those who don't need a fancy smartphone. With a soft-touch coating, it's easy to grip and its folding clamshell design means you won't be making any accidental calls from your pocket.

Customer review: "Not everyone out there needs or wants a smartphone costing hundreds of pounds. The Doro 2404 is perfect for anyone young or old. It has a camera as well as a torch and FM Radio. The screen is bright and the text easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone."


  • Large screen
  • Big buttons
  • Sleek


  • Only takes a MicroSIM

Best for hearing difficulties

Doro 6620Amazon/Doro

The Doro 6620 is a sim-free phone with a sleek clamshell design. It has a wide 2.8-inch screen. Benefit from features like hearing aid compatibility, HD voice, 3G capabilities, a 3MP camera, and an assistance button with GPS for emergencies. It offers email access, visual ring indicator, speakerphone, Bluetooth, and four direct keys. The device has a talk time of up to eight hours and standby time of up to 380 hours.

Customer review: "Very simple to set up and use. An excellent basic phone. I opted to use a 1p Mobile SIM card and that was equally easy to set up. If you don't want a smartphone then this is ideal. Very easy to navigate the menu and make choices and selections. Perfect for my needs."


  • Great for calls
  • Easy to read


  • No apps

Best Doro flip-phone

 Doro 6060Amazon/Doro

With all the standard features of a Doro, this phone also has both an internal and external display. Any notifications will show on the small screen so you don't have to flip open your phone every time. It's hearing aid compatible and has a camera, Bluetooth and a handy torch.

Customer review: "An excellent phone, a present for my mother who is severely disabled with rheumatoid arthritis. She has found it easy to use, this is a newer model to what she had previously. All in all it does what is says on the box."


  • Assistance button
  • Hearing aid compatible


  • No apps

Best smartphone option

Doro 8080Amazon/Doro

This smartphone version of the Doro comes with Google Assistant built-in with Maps, Gmail, YouTube etc., a torch, high-speed Wi-Fi and a touchscreen. The audio boost function allows you to increase in-call volume by 20 per cent. Plus, you have the option to download other apps too. We think this would be a great option if you're used to using an Android device, or if you're looking for something highly intuitive and a little more simple.

Customer review: "I am recommending this to all my friends. Not a cheap phone, but worth every penny to me. Very intuitive, and responsive, has great battery life and has excellent features in terms of sound, font size and brightness. I use it on Bluetooth to stream music for a dance group and have confidence in it. I liked my old Doro and this is even better. It's not 'an old person's phone' but a good phone for internet browsing, banking, music etc. Now my constant companion."


  • Apps
  • Touch screen


  • Sensitive touch screen

Best phone for simplicity

Doro 780XAmazon/Doro

This newer model from Doro is designed to be as simple as possible for an elderly relative. It has a loud, clear sound, is hearing aid compatible and has a simplified three-button keypad to instantly call three contacts you rely on. While you can't send messages, you can receive them and the Response by Doro service means that 'responders' can be alerted to your needs, location and safety. Get help at your fingertips or contact a loved one with the simple press of a button. This phone would be a great option if you're worried about your own wellbeing or that of an elderly family member, especially if they live alone.

Customer review: "I bought this for a family member who lives by herself and is developing dementia. She needed something for when the landline phone goes down, where you can make phone calls by pushing one button, or two at the most. This phone is expensive, but it's the only one that fitted the bill. Press two buttons to call, one button to signal an emergency – that's it. Now it's there in her house, she keeps it in the charging cradle, and I can log on to the My Doro website and check remotely where the phone is and whether it's charged."


  • Simplified keypad
  • Buttons to instantly call key contacts


  • Better for calls

Best Doro for camera phone

Doro 1370Ebay/Doro

This Doro 1370 camera phone is ideal for anyone who requires a wider screen when needing to message or view photos. In fact, three keys take you right to texting, a handy torch or a little camera. This is so easy to use. Take photos in a snap, and enjoy easier use thanks to the widely spaced, convex keys. Plus, it has FM radio for your listening pleasure and an assistance button for greater peace of mind.

Customer review: "I bought it for a parent who is anti-mobile following a health scare. It has good features, clear numbers and positive buttons. I have set it up for simple single key press shortcuts and it has an emergency feature that will round Robin call up to five numbers as well as text. Quite happy with this based on what we needed."


  • Wider display
  • Loud
  • Hearing aid compatible


  • Complicated to compose a text message

Get added security and independence with Doro

If like many of us, you simply want to be able to call friends and family, send the odd text and maybe keep an eye on stuff on the Internet, all the extra gadgets and apps modern phones have are simply unnecessary – and not to mention confusing.

That's where Doro phones come in. They're known as one of the leading companies for providing easy-to-use mobiles for us folk who want to keep things simple.

As well as being easier to use, Doro mobile phones and care provisions will give you the independence and dignity that is important to you. Their features, sensors and SOS services will mean you can still enjoy living in your own home and getting out and about, feeling safe wherever you go without losing a sense of security.

If you need help with chatting with your loved ones, our guide to video calls could help.


What are the benefits of a Doro phone?

Doro phones have user-friendly interfaces and large buttons for easy navigation.

Built-in emergency buttons provide quick access to help, enhancing user safety.

Doro phones have clear and enhanced audio for improved communication.

Some Doro phone models can offer remote monitoring and assistance, providing peace of mind for caregivers and family members.

What is Response by Doro?

Choosing a Doro phone gives you access to complimentary features and services, including Response by Doro. This service enables trusted friends and family – called Responders – to assist you regardless of distance. With a press of the Response button on the phone, you can notify loved ones in emergencies. Responders can also remotely assist with important phone settings from their own smartphones. The Doro phone's GPS location is shared so Responders can get help to their loved ones.

Simply download the Response by Doro app and follow the prompts.

Some Doro phones come with the app pre-installed.

What is Remote assistance?

A relative, who is a Responder, will be able to remotely access their loved one's phone without being physically present. This is a useful feature for changing the text size or setting the volume.

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