Sony WHXB910 Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

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Sony WHXB910 Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

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These black Sony headphones completely surround your ears for really immersive listening. They’re wireless and connect via Bluetooth, so you won’t get tangled up in cables. They have on-ear controls so you can skip tracks (or calls) easily. Or if you’re feeling social, accept the call and be heard loud and clear with the built-in microphone.


• Wireless, connect via Bluetooth

• Easy to set up

• 30 hour battery life and fast charge


• On ear controls can be knocked so volume adjusts itself without meaning to.


On AO they’re rated 4.9/5 with the lowest review being 4 stars. However that is only out of 8 reviews.

Key Features of the Sony WHXB910 headphones

• Totally surrounds your ears for immersive listening

• Bluetooth connectivity with a 30-hour battery life

• Built-in microphone lets you make and receive calls

• Easily accessible on-ear controls

• Less waiting & more listening with super-fast charging

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Testing the Sony WHXB910 headphones

Firstly delivery was brilliant, I got these next day and was given a 4 hour timeslot when the delivery would arrive. Within about 20 minutes of this timeslot the driver arrived. This is my second delivery from AO and I can’t fault their service in this regard, it’s certainly made me keen to order more from them in the future. Especially as I wasn’t aware that they sold smaller electricals such as headphones, I’ve always thought of them more for larger items like fridges and washing machines, so I’ll definitely be looking at their site first now for electrical items rather than other websites.

You’re also offered the chance to win back the cost of your product by writing a review on which is a nice touch!

I was really impressed with the look of these headphones, the case they come in is smart and everything fits back into it nicely too – so often products arrive looking lovely in their boxes and it’s a battle to get them back in! But it makes it handy for transporting them, the case is hard so it stops any knocks damaging the headphones. It’s not much bigger than the headphones themselves either so doesn’t take up a lot of extra space in my bag. I did think at first that the headphones themselves felt a bit flimsy, they’re really lightweight, but having tested them thoroughly they’re hardier than they look.

Set up was really easy, I didn’t actually even read the instructions! It connects instantly to your phone via Bluetooth and does it all for you – really impressive – then you also have controls on the headphones themselves, which is just a matter of remembering where they are but you get used to that pretty quickly. One thing I did find with these controls was that if I’m wearing a hoodie the volume button can easily be knocked when I pull it up, so the volume suddenly goes up or down.

The noise cancelling definitely works! I work on a farm so it’s quite noisy with tractors, machinery etc – so having the option to make these noise cancelling is great as I can still hear my music or calls over the noise. You can also turn off the noise cancelling feature so you can still hear background noise, which is also good so I can still hear what’s going on around me! I mainly use them without the noise cancelling to be honest, for safety reasons – but it works well for calls when I want to make sure I can hear whoever is on the other line. The microphone seems to work well too and doesn’t pick up too much background noise.

Comparison vs other headphones

I decided to go for over-ear headphones as before I got these I was using wired headphones plugged into my phone, but my most recent phone doesn’t actually have a headphone jack. I then tried wireless bud headphones but they just kept falling out and I ended up losing them. So, I thought these would be the best option for me.

I knew I wanted to go for a reputable brand such as Sony – you know what you’re getting for your money, and the reviews I’d seen were good too. There are of course lots of brands of over-ear headphones available, and some for quite cheap, but for the features these headphones come with, combined with the functionality, I think the price tag is worth it.

Final thoughts

I would definitely recommend these headphones they’re really comfortable to wear, I didn’t get too hot in them on warm days either. They’re not heavy and the noise cancelling and ambient sound both work really well so if you’re out running on the road you’re still going to feel relatively safe. {#h-i-would-definitely-recommend-these-headphones-they-re-really-comfortable-to-wear-i-didn-t-get-too-hot-in-them-on-warm-days-either-they-re-not-heavy-and-the-noise-cancelling-and-ambient-sound-both-work-really-well-so-if-you-re-out-running-on-the-road-you-re-still-going-to-feel-relatively-safe}

The only thing I'd change would be the controls on the side are touch and they’re flush with the headphones themselves, there’s no physical 'buttons' as such so it’s hard to figure out if you’re pressing anything or not until something actually happens. I’d make some kind of physical button for these so you can feel them easier.

Full product specifications

• Available in black or blue

• Dimensions (cm)(H)26.2 x (W)19.8 x (D)6.8

• Built-in microphone

• Battery life: 30 hours

• Charging time: 10 hours

• Wireless connectivity

• Built in microphone

• Noise cancelling

• Recommended usage: calls/music

• Easy plug and play setup

• Fast charging

• Google assistant

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