Try our free online dating service

Try our free online dating service

Our free online dating service has had an upgrade!
Yours Dating was created to help you find your perfect match. With just a few details and no credit card information you can start meeting other likeminded members online for free from across the UK.

But lately we thought the site needed a little refresh…

We’ve made Yours Dating simpler to use and updated our search features so it’s even easier to find someone with similar interests nearby.

Yours Dating is also still free to join, so you can begin browsing through profiles right away after joining.

Your safety

With thousands of members online we take your safety very seriously. Yours Dating is an official Online Dating Protector Member so you can feel confident that you’re fully protected with a friendly UK-based customer care team waiting to answer any questions should you need them.

Helpful hints and tips

For more tips and helpful hints on everything from how to get started to uploading a picture just take a look in our Relationships section, or call 0800 033 4053. We’re waiting to help you get the most out of your online dating experience every step of the way.

Yours Dating is free to join, so why not register today and take a look around? Plus until March 31 new members receive 50 per cent off all packages when using promo code ‘YOURS2016’ – a saving of up to £60!