9 surprising uses for aluminium foil

9 surprising uses for aluminium foil

Aside from lining your baking trays and keeping your sandwiches fresh, a roll of foil has a surprising number of household uses. From protecting your silver to cleaning the house, here are just some of the things you can do with foil.

  1. Ice a cake. If you don’t have a piping bag handy, just fold some heavy-duty foil into a tube and get creative!

  2. Polish your silver. Strange but true – lining a pan with a sheet of tin foil, filling it with water and two teaspoons of salt will bring your silverware back to its shiny best. You just need to pop in your tarnished bits and bobs for three minutes before rinsing and drying. It works like magic (but is actually to do with some clever chemistry).

  3. Clean your pots. A scrunched-up ball of aluminium foil works just as well as a scourer.

  4. Sharpen your scissors. Just snipping away at a sheet of foil will sharpen the blades of your dull scissors.

  5. Make your ironing a breeze. Speed up your ironing by popping a sheet of foil underneath your ironing board cover. This will bounce heat back up into the fabric and help make light work of your laundry.

  6. Mess-free painting. Instead of staining a plate, use a piece of foil as a palette when you or your grandchildren want to do some painting. You can then throw it away at the end.

  7. Softer laundry. Pop a ball or two of foil into your tumble dryer and your washing will be softer and free of static.

  8. Make the perfect pie. Worried about the crust of a pie catching in the oven? Stop it from burning by folding some foil over the crust while it’s in the oven.

  9. Protect your plants and tree. Stop rodents or deer munching on your young saplings by wrapping a sheet of foil around their bases.