The best travel adapters for a quick getaway

by Ryan Houghton |

Your phone is an absolutely vital part of travelling, and forgetting your travel adapter can be a major error for trip planning and accessing your funds. Luckily, we’ve assembled the absolute best travel adapters that’ll work wherever you go and will fit snuggly in your luggage.

What's a travel adapter?

If you’re planning on some long-needed holiday escapades this year, then you’ll need to invest in a good travel adapter to ensure your phone and any other tech has power throughout the trip.

Most of Europe uses a Type C plug (or Europlug) that looks rather different from our standard AC plugs in the UK.

Are travel adapters safe?

Most travel adapters nowadays are made reasonably well and will be perfectly safe, but it’s important to check if the adapter has been tested and approved by a safety regulation. Luckily, all of the choices on our list are perfectly safe to use.

The best travel adapters

Specifications {#h-specifications}

Ports: 3 USB, 2 Type-C

Safety Certified: Yes

Number of Compatible Countries: 150+

Additional Feature(s): leather carrying pouch, USB Type-C

The iBlockCube Travel Adapter is the absolute solution for charging your phone while abroad. Perfectly compatible in over 150+ countries, with Quick Charge 3.0 and 3 USB ports, say goodbye to lingering around the plug socket for a little more charge and start enjoying your holiday.

While admittedly this is a pricey choice, it’s unlikely that you’ll need another travel adapter again, the iBlockCube is safe, lightweight and efficient enough to take with you anywhere.

It also comes with a tough black pouch and a one-meter Type-C cable as an added bonus.

Review: "The reason for buying this adaptor is so that I don't need to take a separate power brick on holiday for the laptop. Even when I'm not on holiday though, it tidies things up around the house and gives me more USB-C and normal USB charging ports, while making sure that I still have the socket available. If you have never used one like this abroad, you are missing out." {#h-review-the-reason-for-buying-this-adaptor-is-so-that-i-don-t-need-to-take-a-separate-power-brick-on-holiday-for-the-laptop}


Ports: 4x USB, 1x Type-C

Safety Certified: Yes

Number of Compatible Countries: 180+

Additional Feature(s): Travel Pouch

Travel Plug’s All-In-One adapter is an affordable and effective adapter solution for travelling abroad. With compatibility for over 180 countries, quick charging and plenty of USB ports for your friends and family to charge their tech simultaneously, Travel Plug is a terrific option for worldwide trekking.

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Despite feeling a little cheaper than the iBlockCube, the Travel Plug does its job and does it well, plus it’s safe and compact for some peace of mind if you’re charging your phone overnight!

Review: “I needed a device to charge my phone, watch and tablet. There is a good selection of pins that fit all outlets that I know from travelling. Using the multi port charger saves space in my luggage and uses only one outlet in my hotel room.”


Ports: 4x USB

Safety Certified: Yes

Number of Compatible Countries: 150

Additional Feature(s): N/A

A great value charger for travelling worldwide, with coverage of over 150 countries, despite not having the bells and whistles of the more expensive travel adapters, this is a reliable adapter that is compact and charges relatively quickly.

You may need to invest in a USB to lightning cable if you’re an Apple user, as there are no Type-C ports on the adapter itself.

Review: “Absolutely brilliant. I travel a lot for work and this makes my life 100% easier. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.” {#h-review-2}


Ports: 4x USB ports

Safety Certified: Yes

Number of Compatible Countries: 150+ Countries

Additional Feature(s): N/A

For an ultra-compact and convenient way to charge your tech while travelling abroad, Lencent’s Travel Adapter is absolutely perfect.

Despite not having as many outlets as our other choices, Lencent’s USB Charger Plug is perfect for light-weight travelling, and folds away satisfyingly well, creating space for some more travel essentials.

Why spend £30+ on a travel adapter when you don’t need all the QOL features? Lencent’s Travel Adapter is a perfect choice and has the user acclaim to back it up!

Review: “Love the design of this travel adaptor 4-port USB wall charger. It is very robust and the different pin plugs are easy to switch in and out. They also fit very securely which means it has more stability than some other designs so no worries about wobbling around in the wall socket. Being able to charge up to 4 devices at a time is useful” {#h-review-3}


Ports: 1x UK AC Outlets, 3x USB ports

Safety Certified: Yes

Number of Compatible Countries: 40+ Countries

Additional Feature(s): N/A

If you’re planning on taking some bulkier tech abroad that requires a proper UK AC outlet, then look no further. Lencent’s Euro Plug Adapter is a perfectly compact solution to your tech needs while travelling. With one AC outlet and 3 USB ports, this is the perfect adapter for work trips, or if you’re planning on bringing your laptop along with you on your travels.

It’s also at a great value with its terrific build quality and all the important safety regulations for improved QOL.

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Review: “Over the last 40 years of international travel I have used many adapters, some nasty, some great, but these are excellent. The USB sockets reduce the chargers I need to carry to Zero, they charge my iPhone 13 pro max and my Samsung Galaxy simultaneously, all whilst running my laptop via its plug in charger. I dropped one down hotel steps, bounced, scratched, but did not break and works perfectly. Good value for money and does exactly what it says.” {#h-review-4}

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