Grandparents walking 10 miles a day for #WalkforEmily

Jenni and Nick are encouraging people to dedicate their daily walk on World Cancer Day, February 4, to #WalkForEmily

walk for Emily

by Stephanie Anthony |

Grandparents Jenni and Nick McDonagh, from Berkshire, are inviting people to join them in dedicating their daily walk on World Cancer Day, February 4 2021, to their baby granddaughter who is receiving treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital and #WalkForEmily.

The grandparents have been walking 10 miles a day for months now to raise funds for CLIC Sargent who are supporting the family.


Jenni and Nick started in November with the goal of reaching 270 miles, this later doubled to 540 miles, and now – as they have reached over 700 miles and with the news that Emily has relapsed and is being treated at GOSH for further treatment – they have decided to just keep going.

The couple say the walking is getting really tough now especially in the bleak conditions, but it’s nothing compared to what Emily is currently going through and they are determined not to give up.

Jenni and Nick #walkforemily

They say the walking is helping their mental health right now and offers hope. Jenni says she just keeps thinking of the word Hope, as that is all the family have to cling on to.

The pair have now set themselves the goal of walking (virtually) between each of the charity’s Homes from Home in England: Oxford, Nottingham, London, Southampton and Bristol, an additional 480 miles. Once they ‘reach’ each Home they will also donate a gift to help the families staying there.

Emily is receiving treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Emily was diagnosed with infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia last November at just five weeks of age. She spent the following six months at Southampton General Hospital on intensive chemo.

She had started having treatment at home but just before Christmas the family found out she sadly relapsed and is now receiving further treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Jenni says, “Our very brave baby granddaughter is no longer in remission, she was doing so well. However the position for these very brave children can change overnight.

“The journey we are going through with Emily is a step by step, day by day journey, and the walk is mirroring this,” adds Jenni, “it’s not easy at all but we remind ourselves it’s for Emily and keep going. One foot in front of the other.”

Follow Nick and Jenni’s journey and support their incredible efforts.

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