The best dog sun hats to protect your pooch from sunburn

They're sure to have your dog looking and feeling cool this summer.


by Samantha Price |

There's no doubt about it - dogs are our best friends. We'd do anything to protect them, but we often forget that they need protection from the sun, just like us. There are a few things that you can do to ensure your pup plays safely in the sun, which is where dog sun hats come in.

As well as looking cute, they also serve quite an important purpose. Shielding a dog's sensitive areas, like their nose and eyes, is one way to make sure they avoid the uncomfortable effects of sunburn.

That's right - dogs can actually get sunburn too! While their fur provides some level of protection, our canine companions can get burned. Dogs with lighter coloured or shorter fur are especially susceptible, although all dogs can be at risk after an afternoon under the sun.

We must take measures to protect our pets. After all, they do such a good job at protecting us.

Are dog sun hats safe?

You should never force your dog to wear a hat if this is something they're visibly uncomfortable with. However, if your pup is happy to wear one, there are a few things to be mindful of.

The material and colour of a dog's sun hat play a big part in keeping them cool. Avoid warm materials such as wool and darker colours such as black or navy so that they're not at risk of overheating,

Additionally, be aware that dogs use their body language to communicate, particularly their ears and eyes. It might be best for your pup to wear a sun hat when they're around dogs they're at ease with - such as any other dogs they live with.

Unfamiliar dogs might not know how to take your pooch if they're wearing a sun hat as it might be restrictive of their body language, so this is definitely something to be aware of.

Best dog sun hats for sun protection

Here are our picks of the best sun hats to keep your dog protected from the sun during warm weather.

Dog Bucket Hat with Ear Holes


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For a super stylish way to give your pup some shade, this dog bucket hat with ear holes stays on their head to protect them from the sun. Keeping them cool in more ways than one, this bucket hat comes in multiple colours you can pick from.

Sizes: S - L

Review: "I have purchased several hats from other vendors before I got this one and this is the only one that actually stays on my dogs head and shades his eyes from the sun. I am very happy with my purchase!"

Leson Baseball Caps Dog Hats


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A baseball cap to suit sizes from small to extra large. To protect your pooch's eyes from the sun, there are loads of designs of this cap available, such as black, red, orange, stripes, leopard, camouflage and floral.

Sizes: S - XL

Review: "This hat is perfect for shielding my mini dachshund’s eyes from the sun. He’s gotten old and has become so sensitive to sunlight that he flinched violently whenever the sun hit his eyes. This hat fit him perfectly since it has an adjustable string that goes underneath his neck. We got him a size small. He doesn’t mind wearing it at all and he doesn’t flinch from the sun anymore. He can finally enjoy being outside during nice weather again."

Bucket Hat for Small Dogs


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How amazing is this bucket hat? Ideal for summer days, these customisable bucket hats would be a fantastic option to keep your pet cool. We recommend this bucket hat for smaller dogs.

Review: "So cute! And very good quality. Got exactly what I ordered! Will definitely be buying other products again in the future!"

Dog Baseball Cap


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With an array of colours and designs, not to mention that they're available in extra-large, we just can't get over these dog baseball caps.

Sizes: S - XL

Review: "You will not regret buying this hat for your pup, so freaking cute! Has a magnetic clasp that makes it easy to put on and take off, the stitching is great."

Dog Baseball Cap


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The sweetest baseball cap for your little pooch. This dog sun hat has ear holes and a protective visor so that your pup isn't squinting in the sun. It's also decorated with a detachable flower that you can unpin if you prefer.

Sizes: S - L

Reviews: "Adorable!!! Fits so well, nicely designed. Gets so many compliments on this little hat."

How do you protect dogs from the sun?

Looking after our furry friends during warmer weather is extremely important. Imagine wearing a thick winter coat on a hot summer's day! Yep, that's probably how our pooches feel when the weather gets warm.

During the warmer months, you'll probably notice your dog starting to shed its fur. Don't panic - this is just a dog's way of regulating its body temperature. While dogs release heat through the sweat glands in their paw pads, it's still important to help them keep cool.

There are several things you should - and absolutely shouldn't - do when it comes to taking care of your dog in hot weather. Here's all you need to know on how to care for them as the weather gets warmer:


Leave your dog inside a car, caravan or conservatory during warm weather: The temperature in these environments is fatal for dogs. Avoid leaving your dog in these situations at all costs.

• Leave them unattended near a body of water: Even dogs who are strong swimmers can be at risk when it comes to water. Read up on these steps to make sure your dog is safe while playing around water.

Walk them on hot pavement: Your dog has sensitive pads on the bottom of its paws that can blister and crack in hot weather. Place the back of your hand on the pavement and if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog.

Shave your dog: While this may seem helpful, shaving your dog can result in sunburn, skin cancer and heatstroke. Most dogs have an undercoat, which will make them even hotter while it's growing back. Book in for a trim with the groomer instead.


Be aware of the symptoms of heatstroke: Make sure you're familiar with the symptoms of heatstroke in dogs and know what to do in the situation your dog has heatstroke.

Keep them hydrated: Always make sure your canine companion has a fresh supply of clean water to avoid dehydration. Check every few hours if their water bowl needs to be topped up. You can even put a few ice cubes into their bowl for a treat, too.

Keep them in an open, well ventilated, shaded area: Make sure your pup has plenty of room to move around, with somewhere to take shade. If necessary, you can put a fan on nearby to help.

Keep them cool: Get creative! Use dog cooling mats, dog cooling vests and dog paddling pools for them to cool off.

Book in for a trim: Especially if you've got a long haired pooch, getting them in for a trim at the groomers is a great idea.

Use dog friendly sun cream: Much like humans, sun exposure can lead to sunburn. Always check with a vet on what you should look for when buying dog sun cream.

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