Deal of the day – Save up to 30% on pet prescriptions at Asda


by Bauer Xcel |

You can now buy your pet’s prescription alongside your weekly shop. Asda has launched a Pet Prescription Service which it says will save owners an average of 30 per cent on their pet’s medicine compared to buying from a vet.

With 15 per cent of dogs in the UK suffering with heart disease, thousands of owners are forking out £51 every month at veterinary surgeries. Asda says its new service would save an owner £2,892 over the course of their dog’s life.

Buy your pet’s prescription with your weekly shop

The range of prescriptions available includes flea treatments, heart disease and arthritis medication for a variety of domestic pets.

Over half (53 per cent) of the nation found owning a pet has affected their social life due to cost and a fifth have had to make a financial sacrifice to pay for their pet’s medication.

To take advantage of the savings, you have to get a prescription from your vet and present it at your local Asda Pharmacy inside Asda stores across the nation. Asda can either dispense the medication on the day or order it in for you, depending on what it is you need and how much you require.

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